بورنيو | ماليزيا الشرقية | جزيرة مابول مالديف ماليزيا | Borneo Malaysia

My Name is Mohamed Emam in this video we’ll visit so many places and I’ll tell you how we started our trip today is the last day for us in Kuala Lumpur it’s been 2.5 years in this flat we packed everything it’s done!.. it’s done these bags will be our home for the next six/seven months or more we don’t know yet for how long we’ll miss this place Now we’re waiting for 7 of our friends they’ll join us in Labuan in East Malaysia then we’ll leave them and go discover by our own.. we started our trip with East of Malaysia which is a part of Borneo island Arrived to Labuan island with our friends and we stayed in a nice place called Labuan guesthouse We went to another place called Tiara Hotel it’s a group of villas inside a nice compound We said goodbye to our friends and we took a ferry for 3hrs to another place called Kota Kinabalu It’s considered a main station in Sabah Stayed in an amazing hostel called COZY HOSTEL Ok, I’ll put the bags in the lockers and show you the place it looks so nice This is my bed! Jia told us everything to do around Sabah and how to reach شكرا جدا يا چيا!
!Thank you so much Jia مفيش مشكلة! We did snorkelling on Sapi island it was 15 minutes away with the boat Second day we went to Kinabalu Park and it’s Malaysia’s first World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO جاهزين؟! there you’ll see Kinabalu mount The tallest in Borneo and in all Malaysia Look at this plant It’s eating insects they go inside this thing looking like a cup then it’ll close on them and eat them They have a birth control tree Just boil it and drink it and there we saw an example for the biggest flower in the world Rafflesia flower On our way back we passed by Masjid Bandaraya mosque and it’s unique with the islamic design and being floating At night we visited the Filipino Market and we saw a lot of different food Specially the fish and the sea food This is called coconut crab Look how it looks like! They have everything here they sell fresh things like vegetables or ready things then there’s a place here with kind of restaurants The dessert is Durian the problem it’s smell is so strong some people doesn’t like it So delicious there’s different types of it that one is called D24 it’s a seed and you eat what’s around it just like the mango after that we took a night bus for 10 hours for a new city called Semporna We arrived! it’s 5:30 in the morning now From there you’ll find many tourism offices to book your stay on any of the islands over there we booked with Mabul backpackers on Mabul Island The day after a boat to brought us to the island في زحليقة! We arrived! اهلا بيكم في مابول شكراً! let me show you the place here! This is our room We’ll go on 2 snorkelling trips today because we want to go to these 2 spots we suppose to have one now The sunset show was the best reward after a long exhausting day Ross, dive master from South Africa He offered on us to dive there as it’s a special place We decided instead of continuing snorkelling we’ll dive I’ll take open water course Pauline already have the open water she’ll only do a refresher we’ll start from today and it’ll be intense Because we only have 3 days left here and it’ll take minimum 3 days روس ، مدرب الغوص يلا بينا نبتدي! انا بنقذ روس دلوقتي!
!I’m rescuing Ross now we’re done with the required trainings and we did 3 dives in different places عالمية! We’re done with the course and everything! Ross was my great instructor now we’ll head back to Semporna the boat is here we have to catch it Amazing! guys … that’s it Our trip in Borneo came to an end wait for my next Vlog it’ll be from Indonesia! if you like the video, don’t forget the like button and subscribe if you didn’t already See you in the next Video! PEACE!


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