മാലി നഗരകാഴ്ചകൾ |Maldives Travel Vlog Part-2|Royalsky Holidays

This is the second episode of Maldives On part 1 I was able to showcase my tip to the airport and onto Maldives And I finally emerged after the immigration process And heading into the hotel for our breakfast As usually I’m going to have a KFC I know that I have a KFC story to share with you all I’ll share that in coming episodes as it’s a sensitive story and has a lot to explain And we are going to eat our KFC breakfast So we are going to explore Mali city from the Airport So we locked mylargest luggage at the Airport So we are now heading to Mali-city via boat As for currency they use Maldivian rufiyaa One Maldivian rufiyaa is 4.67 INR That’s the currency value So we are now at the boat jetty, going to explore Mali city Not sure if that’s for us The scenery is really beautiful, as the shade of the water, sky and boat is really amazing I think this is our ride So yes, this is the boat for us So we paid 10 Maldivian rufiyaa per person so 20 in total That zoomed in area is MaliCity On one side oyu can see Mali city and on the other you can see other island Even with these many boats and services you won’t see a single waste here You can travel to Mali city via boat as well as cross the bridge from the Airport After 15 minutes of boat ride we finally arrived Mali City You’ll see other boats heading to other parts This is more like their taxi service Our friend has gone to grab his bike and we will explore the place in his bike My initial plan was to head to another island instead of exploring this city today As my friend is waiting at another largest Maldives Island Since my flight to that island will only be available after 4 hours So I decdied to explore Mali city within that short time And our friend is here with his scooter Don’t be scared when you guys travel here you’ll get the bets vehicle We are trying to explore the city as fast as possible Because of our lack of time and to record more footage The city is indeed beautiful with open sea on one side and We are just going to explore the city I may explore the fish market as that’s my primary aim today You’ll see cops around the city because a Government official from Sri Lanka is visiting Maldives today As most roads are blocked due to his visit I realized that it’ll be impossible to showcase Mali-city due to the road-blocks and barricades With few open routes Hence, he said that we won’t be able to cover as much as we expected So we decided to head to the fish market as he said it won’t be blocked You may not expect huge development within an island but since Mali is a capital city, you’ll see more buildings And the other islands won’t be similar to this Onto the fish market! I came across SBI here, as I have seen SBI across different countries This is one of their primary road and it’s really perfect and spacious considering an Island This entrance is part of the bridge most cosntructions are done by China we finally arrived the fishing harbor These boats are used to transport items for other islands They do deliver the necessary things to other island from this point I have seen things similar back when I was in Sharjah We parked our vehicle on the side and now heading into the market This is the fish market Mainly we are indeed lucky as they only have limited fishes Starting from Tuna We have tons of fishes available but here they only have few selective fishes I’m stopping my video here, Since i am currently at Thailand On Sunday at 10 you’ll see more of this market and other scenes of the Islands I’m uploading this episode so that I won’t miss out the video I’m currently spending time with a group here at Thailand, so we will meet again on Sunday

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