█▬█ █ ▀█▀ Zakynthos, Zante HD places that you must see (drone)

Argassi bay Marathonisi, the island resembles a turtle boat to the island you will find on the Keri beach rent a tour boat or a small private boat if you can control tour boat costs about 15Euro / person price includes turtle watching from boats on the shore boat is going to the beach Marathonisi and be there 30-45 minutes then flows around the island by boat where you can watch the caves of the island Turtles are protected, visitors can only walk along the edge of the beach residents feed the turtles near the island Cameo
(early in the morning near the boats place) Private boat can rent by the hour,
you can sail to the Marathonisi island visit the caves behind the island,
you decide when and how long you stop hourly rental costs 50euro and more From the port of Zakynthos city organized big boat tours excursion includes a long route around the island visits, among others beach with ship wreck water sports center on the Banana Beach Gerakas is a long narrow beach at the eastern tip of the island of Zante you can only move on the edge of the beach,
turtles lay their eggs here access to the beach is free, you can rent two sunbed with umbrella for 8euro / half day the headland cliffs offer beautiful views Cameo island is a haven for partiers you get to the island by a long wooden bridge admission to the island costs 5Euro,
include price is a one free drink the beach is very small, often plays there chill music You can relax in the water under the shade of white strips of material island gladly hire the newlyweds to organize a wedding in the unparalleled scenery frequently visited place is the so-called Blue Caves this caves cliffs in the north-western shore of Zante its name is due to the light pouring into the caves by the sea water You can visit the caves by boat, redeem trip Potamitisbros boattrips during a tour boat passes under the rock bridges and into the caves it is also time for a short swim in the caves Korakonisi island located at the southern edge of Zante The place is far away from the village so hard to get there We watch the crystal clear water and the salt deposited on the rocks the island has an interesting shape with a hole in rock most famous photos of Zante are taken from this place cliffs are here 200 m (650ft) tall You can walk along the cliff and take great photos The Ship Wreck beach will get only by sea You can rent a boat at the same place as the Blue Caves (Potamitisbros boattrip) sun illuminates the beaches in 10am – 4pm in summer beach on the shore with white stones the size of a few centimeters stones are constantly abraded by striking the edge of the waves shredded material rises in the depths of the sea which gives a special color of the water boats swim to shore and leave the tourists for about an hour You can make an appointment with the captain of the boat that will take you back on the next course On the north western promontory of Zante you can see the shore of the island of Kefalonia evening visit a magical place Keri Cliffs here is best place to watch the sunset along the way you will find restaurants with a huge flagpole and waving to him a giant flag of Greece the restaurant also has a view point (bridge cliff) but the service is not friendly for those who just want to take pictures from the view point only We hope that the film will help you explore this beautiful island If you have questions, write it under the movie. If the movie you like, please SUBSCRIBE and LIKE The next film will see the Portuguese island of Madeira

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