✅ TOP 10: Best Beaches In Texas

Texas has huge variety of beaches and the
state boasts over 400 miles of picturesque coastline that is ideal for those perfect
summer days. Combining warm Gulf Coast waters, with plenty of excellent beach destinations,
visitors can swim, sail, kayak, fish or hop on a boat for a fun-filled holiday. Both a
haven for nature lovers and a hot spot for outdoor adventurers, explore some of the best
beaches in Texas. If you’re visiting Texas and want to find
a cheap way to stay, then check the links in description as we’ve found some great
affordable accommodation options. 10) Coming in at number 10 is South Padre
Island Located just off the southern tip of Texas,
this barrier island has 34 miles of spectacular beaches. The area’s wide, sandy beaches, with
crystalline waters and views of the Gulf of Mexico attract travellers year after year.
South Padre Island has become an excellent family-friendly spot that is now widely considered
one of the best beaches in Texas. 9) Boca Chica Beach
In the heart of Boca Chica State Park, this beach boasts a tropical feel that’s wonderfully
enticing. The sandy shore and stunning flora appeal to nature lovers who prefer wilderness
to wildly overdone development. The sandy eight-mile beach between the Rio Grande delta
and the salt flats of the lower Laguna Madre, Boca Chica is ideal for swimming, snorkelling
and fishing. 8) At number 8 is the family friendly, Magnolia
Beach Magnolia Beach is a small town on the coast
of Lavaca Bay, south-east of Alamo Beach. It is an 8-mile-long stretch of fine sand,
which is quiet and peaceful and perfect for family day under the sun. There are several
covered picnic shelters with benches and grills, a children’s playground, and a volleyball
court. Some parts of the beach are accessible by car, which is useful if doing a spot of
fishing. The whole area is great for shelling, bird watching, and crabbing. A lovely beach,
perfect for a family visit. 7) Number seven is Crystal Beach Located on the Bolivar Peninsula, Crystal
Beach is a quiet stretch of beautiful sand that spans seven miles. This eco-friendly
beach is popular for its abundant fishing opportunities, as well as crabbing, and the
fresh seafood that is available from nearby restaurants. Less crowded than other beaches,
beach goers can find a variety of cabins that are ideal for a family-friendly beach escape.
Perfect for a day of swimming and water activities this beach also permits camping and fires. 6) At number six is Port Aransas Beach Devoid of the hustle and bustle of the city,
Port Aransas offers visitors a tranquil beach area where you can soak in the sunshine and
let go of your worries. Less crowded than its more popular counterparts, Port Aransas
boasts long stretches of quiet beaches where you can find peace and quiet. With 6 miles
of beach, the area is perfect for families visiting with kids, as it has plenty of space
to enjoy the sounds of the tide rolling in and where you can relax in the warm waters
of the Gulf of Mexico. Although Corpus Christi is nearby, Port Aranas is one of the best
choices for relaxing beach day. 5) Our fifth choice is Mustang Island A barrier island just east of Corpus Christi,
Mustang Island is a popular beach destination for families and active travellers. Surfing
and camping are popular things to do at this beach, and there’s a “paddling trail” (a series
of shallow-water canals) for those looking to kayak, canoe or paddleboard. Visitors will
enjoy stretching out on the beach and watching for turtles, dolphins and birds. An ideal
family beach choice! 4) At number 4 is Matagorda Bay Nature Park
Beach Just north of San Jose Island is Matagorda
Bay Nature Park, visitors will find panoramic views and inviting bright, blue waters. This
55-mile stretch of coastal land makes up a part of Matagorda County, with 25 miles of
it accessible by car. Boasting laid-back vibes and plenty of spots to soak in the sunshine,
the beach area is known for its fantastic kayaking, surfing, and bird watching opportunities. 3) The third spot is Surfside Beach Within driving distance of Houston, Surfside
Beach is located in Brazoria County near Freeport. The town has more than 4 miles of beaches
popular for horseback riding and walking. The miles of golden sand teamed with interesting
seashells and marine life make this a perfect retreat for recreational sports, sun worshipers
and nature lovers alike. The Surfside Jetties extend one mile into the Texas Gulf so it’s
great for fishing. 2) At number two is Malaquite Beach Malaquite Beach is quite the place. Brown
pelicans are a common sight at this beach that is located about 25 miles south-east
of the city of Corpus Christi. It’s rarely crowded and home to a visitor centre with
eye-catching displays on local history and wildlife. With 60 miles of silken sand that
lead you all the way to the Mansfield Channel, it’s a great area for kayaking and windsurfing.
There are good facilities with toilets and showers, making this a family friendly beach
for all to enjoy! 1) And the top spot goes to Rockport Beach
Rockport Beach is Texas’s first Blue Wave Beach, certified by the Clean Beaches Coalition.
The magnificent long crescent of fine sand and calm shallows has 65 quaint picnic areas
with shade, grills, and picnic tables. There are also volleyball courts, several kids’
playgrounds with swings, and a beautiful ¾-mile-long walking path along the Little Bay shores.
The beach is a designated bird sanctuary and fishing is permitted everywhere except at
the saltwater pool and at the boat dock. If you are looking for the cleanest beach in
Texas, this is the place! So that sums up our top 10 beaches in Texas.
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  • Addie Michelle

    Texas beaches are not that great go to Florida 😀expessially crystal beach, there water is brown the sand is dark and there is a lot of seaweed I do now recommend Texas beaches

  • M B

    Waaaaw warm and nice beaches

  • fatboy12G

    How you gonna put rockport beach at #1??

  • A.A. V

    Texas has ugly ass beaches.

  • Jonah Perez

    Ok south padre is way better than every other beach that follows it, the sand is much more white and the water is way clearer than others

  • Pammie Time

    Wait, seashells?

  • Rony C

    Texas has great beaches. South Padre and Rockport have clear water with nice sand. Galveston gets a bad rap because the water can get dark due to the silt run off from the Mississippi River (some 350 miles away) which is brought by currents, but it's not dirty. A lot of times, it clears up. Never the less, it's a great town and nothing beats a day at the beach with the sound of waves and the ocean breeze. Enough with "oh but these other beaches in other places are better", this is a list of Texas beaches.

  • Carlo Martello

    car on the beach = shit beach

  • Caleb

    Rock port is my favorite

  • Joel Lozano

    The thought of a beach in Texas has always escaped my mind

  • Philip S

    Nice beaches in Texas? Lol! That’s like saying the IRS has some nice tax loopholes for everyone. Seriously, Texas coast is pure garbage. Hell, even a sh*thole like Mississippi has nicer beaches. Florida is 100 times better.

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