✮ Water Spotted Beach Nails (2 Ways!) ✮

Hello everyone it’s Janelle and since it’s kind of around spring break time this video will be a beach nails tutorial I’ll show you two different variations of this look one will be a more glamorous look with gold nail charms and the other one will be a more simple look with less materials and a painted starfish let me know which one you prefer in the comment section below for the painted starfish option with no nail charms you will need white for the seafoam effect a sandy beige for the sand a light and a medium blue and an optional glitter polish for some extra sparkle for the sponge gradient you’ll need a wedge sponge to apply color for the watery seafoam effect you’ll need a body mist or a body splash with alcohol in it an inexpensive one is fine and a small bowl with water to make a starfish you’ll need a dotting tool or bobby pin with orange nail polish you’ll also need a nail polish remover to clean up and a base and topcoat for the nail charms option I added a few extra touches for a glam look to the same set of colors I added a sandy beige glitter from Zoya for the accent nail because it really looks like sparkly sand and I also added a couple decorative pearls some gold metal shells and a gold starfish as always I’ll have links to the materials in the description box first apply your favorite basecoat to all of your nails for all nails except for the ring finger apply white polish as your base color this will help the sponge gradient stand out next apply the following colors to your makeup sponge beige on top then light blue and medium blue make sure your white layer is dry and then dab on with your sponge to create a beachy ombre effect I applied two layers of color for a more saturated look now get your small bowl ready and fill with tap water not sure what temperature is best but I used regular tapwater from the sink and by the way I’ve seen this technique on a few YouTube videos and also on Pinterest so wanted to try it out for myself and share it with you totally not my original idea okay now just take your white nail polish and drop a couple drops onto the water surface it should spread out like this using your body mist or alcohol spray spray the surface of the water the alcohol in the mist is a solvent so it breaks up the thin layer of polish and creates this spotty effect take a look at the design and figure out what area you like best I’m choosing this part now just dip your finger into the desired area then dip a toothpick or brush end and remove the excess and now you’re left with a messy but very cool ocean inspired design clean up around the nail with nail polish remover I used a q-tip and a synthetic brush for a detailed clean up and since I covered up some of the beach portion of the nails I went over it again with beige polish totally up to you if you want to do the same for some added sparkle I added a tiny bit of iridescent glitter polish towards the top of the nail you can totally stop here if you wish but since I had some beachy related charms on hand I added a golden metal shell and a couple pearls to a few of the nails as a finishing touch For the ring finger I applied this beachy sandy polish from Zoya I bought this specifically for this look but a regular beige nail polish would still look great for the painted starfish look take a dotting tool or bobby pin dipped in orange polish and make a rounded star shape right in the middle of your nail for a more glamorous look I applied a small dot of nail glue and applied this gold starfish nail charm from Hexnailjewelry let everything dry completely and then add your favorite topcoat and now your beach nails are finished music by Jeremy Passion that’s it for this video Thanks for watching! Subtitles by the Amara.org community


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