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Welcome friends it is Sunday morning so
we are going to do another one of our most watched recipe videos on the
youtubes and today I want to make an authentic chicken marsala recipe and I’m
saying authentic very tongue-in-cheek and I’ll get to that in a little while
so we’re gonna filter that by viewcount and the top recipe oh damn it food
wishes is number two I really wanted to do a Chef John recipe anyway the number
one is from a guy named The Marsala Man. Chicken marsala the original classic
simple recipe from marsala Sicily. Boy he’s really putting a lot into this so
let’s check him out. Okay so the video was uploaded in 2009 so the quality
absolutely sucks! The colour is horrible, the focus is
horrible, everything like that is horrible. But it seems like a very simple
straightforward recipe, so let’s get to it. I used the search term authentic
because what is authentic? Nobody can say what is authentic and in the case of
this recipe the whole recipe, the history of this whole recipe is inextricably
tied to this wine. Marsala wine. It is from Sicily and it didn’t exist until
around 1790 – 1800 and here’s the story of that wine. You’ve got this English wine
merchant out looking for his fortune. He’s looking for the next big thing and
at that point the biggest wine out there was pretty much Madeira fortified wine
from some islands off of the coast of North Africa. And it’s all the rage all
in England it’s all the rage here in the colonies and he’s looking for a way to
create the next Madeira. So I’ve got two chicken breasts here and in that recipe
video he sort of glosses over the fact that you’re supposed to butterfly them
and then flatten them out to make them an even thickness like a scaloppine. Kind
of looks like he does in the video but same time it looks like he doesn’t.
And I’ve seen this done both ways where it’s flattened out and where it isn’t
flattened out. So you don’t need a fancy mallet the bottom of a frying pan works. You
don’t need to put it between two pieces of plastic just do it very carefully and
you can flatten it out. So he rolls up into Sicily buys some vineyards buys a
winery and totally rips off the Madeira process. The way they make the wine
completely the way that they boil the must ahead of time the way that they
fortify it with brandy total ripoff and in fact he then goes on to call the wine
and markets the wine up until about 1860 as Sicily Madeira so wasn’t until about
1860 that this was even called Marsala so this guy makes boatload of money
the wine is sent everywhere. I’m just gonna wash my hands before I continue. We’ve got this wine he’s making lots of money a lot of other English wine
merchants flock to Sicily in order to to make their money making this wine called
Sicilian Madeira and this is also a very tumultuous time in the history of Sicily
because Sicily didn’t become part of Italy proper until 1860 so in like the
1700s and through the early 1800s the Napoleonic Wars the British invade the
French invade you’ve got a bunch of different cultures that aren’t Italian
and so you’ve got this mix of cultures which brings this dish as a very early
fusion of what would please the English merchants what would please their taste
palates what the French chefs would create on the island and also the wine
merchants they want to sell wine they want to
sell a lot of wine and so this dish also gave them a vehicle to say hey buy our
wine make our dish so very early on this would have been veal totally would have
been veal I don’t think the chicken came into the picture until it came to
America and it became an italian-american thing to make this with
chicken so I’ve got to I’ve got flour I’m just dredging it in flour I’ve got
salt and pepper in there as well and we just want to coat the chicken of course
coating the chicken it’s best to use your fingers and your hands but you know
I’ve got the camera I’m running the camera I’m doing everything here on my
own so I’m going to use tongs now into the frying pan I’m going to heat up some
olive oil so let’s get that going while that’s heating up I’m gonna start
chopping the mushrooms and strangely this recipe doesn’t use shallots most
interpretations of this recipe I’ve seen use shallots a lot of people expect it
to have garlic but early interpretations don’t have garlic garlic is definitely
an Italian American thing that’s happened later and of course when you’re
making us at home make it however you want this one is very plain I mean it
doesn’t have butter most would have olive oil and butter and I think that’s
the the French influence on making the sauce I don’t know this is probably a
little bit worried about this recipe actually just knowing that it’s very
plain it will though allow the wine to shine through and the wine is the star
of the dish the wine is the reason that this dish even exists in the first place
so the oil is hot and we’ll get the chicken in there we’re just going to
brown it on both sides okay so the chicken looks to be done and
I’ve got the mushrooms chopped so pull the mushroom pull the chicken out of the
frying pan and what you got on the bottom is a mixture of flour and oil
which is a root so the next step that will really help thicken the sauce so
we’ll just set that aside a little bit of ball off more of olive oil and in go
the mushrooms and we just want to cook these until they’ve softened and
released most of their moisture now to say that marsala is one kind of wine is
doing it an incredible disservice there are several different kinds of Marsala
and you start with two main kinds one is a sweet wine and one is a dry one this
is the dry kind and the dry kind is really what you need for this dish the
sweet ones are two clonally sweet and this is the fine marsala which is
the lowest level of marsala it hasn’t been aged as long which is
really the designation there’s how many years it’s spent in a barrel we could do an
entire episode just on this wine so yeah the wine is the star of this dish a lot
of people are gonna ask me what the substitution is can I substitute
something else if I can’t get Marsala and the answer would be I don’t want to
be too pedantic but the answer’s no you could make this though definitely with
Madeira since that’s what this is modeled after you could make it with
Madeira you could use sherry because it’s another fortified wine and you
could use port because port is fortified as well and they’re all sort of made in
the same method almost Madeira and this are most closely associated so this is
this is just about ready looking pretty good so I’m going to add about a cup of
wine in and we’re going to reduce that down a little bit more okay so this is reduced down to a nice
syrup and so we put the chicken pieces back in and we just finished cooking the
chicken through in the sauce turning it to get it all nice and coated and and
get the sauce everywhere just about done that looks pretty good well chicken
marsala or chicken marsala like so this is the this game with myself this is the
number one most watched chicken marsala recipe on the youtubes excellent maybe
well maybe um I mean the star of the dish is the marsala right and so it
really is about the sauce and the mushrooms okay hard time yeah don’t get too excited
I didn’t start with the mushrooms don’t get too excited hmm it’s bland I can
taste the masala yeah Marcelle arsala sorry marsala chicken masala is
something completely yes it is completely different chicken marsala I
can taste the marsala yeah I wasn’t here so what other flavors did you put it
that’s it okay salt pepper most marsala and and the mushrooms now most recipes
would have butter and shallots and the shallots would bring a lot of flavor to
it the butter would bring a lot of flavor to the sauce as well a lot of
people in the comment section were yelling and screaming that there was no
garlic in it and traditionally this dish would not have garlic okay and it
wouldn’t have any of the other spices that we associate with with Italian
cooking because it is French fusion cooking
it’s French fusion it’s it’s French chefs cooking for English merchants on
the island of Sicily hmm so about was si but the chicken is moist this chicken is
very moist yes but the the flavor is a little bland I would add I would add
some other things in the background and it wouldn’t have urgently been chicken
it would have been veal which would have brought a different completely different
flavor in which case it’s not that’s not the same not the same at all no so um
it’s for a recipe it’s a good base for recipe but obviously the most watched
recipe videos on YouTube aren’t always the best recipe videos on YouTube um but
like any recipe make it wrong that’s it that’s it take it home and you know and
as much as I say garlic wouldn’t originally be in this recipe if you want
to put garlic in a go ahead and put a couple cloves of garlic in it it would
definitely bring it up a notch as with the shallots and some butter but I’m
gonna put this over the best mashed potatoes ever recipe when we take it
inside excellent and play with the marsala as
well I used like the low quality marsala cuz that’s what’s available to us if you
want to I mean a low quality it’s still a $20 bottle of Marsala if
you want to do a $200 bottle of Marsala go right ahead
definitely change the flavor again let us know how it works that yeah and you
know you could as I said before sub in sherry or port or Madeira which would
all have a slightly yeah so tell us how you make it if you make it put that in
the comment section and thanks for stopping by see you guys
soon you

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