🇹🇭 7 MUST-EATS in PHUKET, Thailand

It looks so good! Yeah, I know! Thank you for bringing me here. Yes. Yes. And what do you call this? We just call it ‘Roti’. Roti. Roti with Curry. Here they have a choice of fish curry, chicken curry, and beef curry. Ah. This one is fish That one is fish, yes. The way we eat is to put Roti into… No, you put the curry onto your Roti. OK. And Try! Hmmm. Good? Hmm. It’s not spicy. It’s not very spicy. No no.The curry that is made to eat with Roti is not very spicy. And if you like chicken or beef, you can order. You can also order that. My mouth is watering now. What do we have here? OK. This is the top dish in Phuket. This is one of the Must-Eats called ‘Moo Hong”. Moo Hong. Looks like pork stew. Exactly. Exactly. They use pork belly here. In a local way. In a local style with very strong Hokkiean influence. OK. They cook it with garlic and pepper and a few other herbs. Long cook. Wow. Local pork stew. Shrimp Paste. Both made from shrimps. This is fresh shrimp chilli paste. More like a chilli dip. Ah. And this one? This is also a top dish in Phuket. Shrimp paste, but cooked with smoked shrimps or ‘Goong Sieb’. Goong Sieb. Sour? Spicy? Sour. Spicy! In Phuket, there are many Hokkien Chinese people. So, you can find a local food that is Hokkien food. One of the must-trys we recommend to you is this ‘Mee Hokkien” or “Hokkien Noodles” And if you stay near Phuket Old Town, there’s one place which is very popular for locals. This place, ‘Mee Ton Poe’, is at the centre of the old town where there’s a roundabout, a big roundabout. ‘Meet Hokkien’ is actually noodles, special kind of noodles. Here in Phuket, they mix with Seafood meats and eggs. In the evening time like this, it is so relaxing walking around Chalong Pier. And, on this bridge which is only 700-metre long, you can walk or if you don’t want to walk, you can just take a local bus. There’s a pink bus here. And at the end of the pier, they said there’s a famous restaurant. A local one. It’s been here for about 40 years, I
think. I think I’m hungry now. So, let’s take a look what they have to offer for dinner. Very nice atmosphere in the evening like this, by the sea, next to the pier. This is Kan Eang restaurant, a very famous local restaurant here in Phuket. And today, I’m going to try very special local food. I don’t think we can find these food in other provinces in Thailand. The first one, they said that it’s a Must-Eat…which is crab meat curry with coconut. This is quite spicy, I’m warning you. because it’s in the original Thai Southern food style, so it’s kind of spicy. And they eat with these rice noodles. And the Thai way, of course, we usually put some vegetables on. And the selected vegetable is bean sprout, so put some on, ok. And then, put this over. This is coconut. Crab. Wow! Looks so good. Let me try. ‘Meet Hoon Gang Pu’ Another Must-Eat menu is ‘Buer Tod’ or ‘Batter-Fried Freshwater weed’ with shrimp. Here, it’s made from freshwater weed which ‘Yaa Chong’ in Thai. This is quite special and unique, very
local. Let me try. They said this one is a must. And the special thing is, of course, the sauce. The local recipe here, they use a lot of tamarind sauce, mixed with some chili and garlic. Hmm. ‘Lo Bah’ is a famous local dish here in Phuket. It is normally kind of internal organs of pig. And, they made it a stew and a student and then they fried it afterwards. So, kind of mix of different organs and also meat or pork. But, the special thing is the dip sauce which is spicy, sweet, and sour. And if you’re here already at ‘Lock Tien Food Centre’, you should try a famous local dessert, which is called ‘Oh Aew’. Ah….this is ‘Oh Aew’. If you can see, this
jelly, the white one is called ‘Oh Aew’. They said, it is made from banana mixed with some Chinese herbs. They have black jelly. In Thai, we call ‘Chao Guay’. ….and red beans. In a hot weather like Thailand or countries in Southeast Asia, we love eating ice with some dessert like this. OK. Let’s try! I hope you enjoy the trip. Stay tuned for the next episode. Please Subscribe!

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