(salsa music) (laughter) (clapping)
– And then turn around. (kids singing) – [Isaac] Let’s go to
the table to eat first. – (mumbles) – I’m gonna go the table, come on! (stroller wheels rolling) – [Dad] You’re taking care of your baby? – (mumbles) – [Dad] Good thing. What would you guys think of
going to the beach tonight? – Ah! That would be so beautiful! – Oh yeah! – Just walking along? – No, like swimming in it. – Oh (playful music) – One big crack. – We have made our fortress. Mission complete. Tree, Maple, Spot, Ginger and Lemon. – [Dad] Oh dear doggies. – [Isaac] She helped me – [Dad] She’s gonna be talking so soon, just like, nonstop. (Isaac and Dad laugh) I’m playing with them. – If those were real dogs (laughs). – [Dad] This is why we
don’t have a real dog. – It looks so gross right now. – [Dad] Yeah. – Make sure not to stir very fast, or else it’ll go shplat! Two! – One. – Zero. – [Dad] Thanks for takin’ turns, you guys. I love it when you share. – Make sure to get that egg. The eggs are the hardest parts. – [Girls] Three, two, one, zero. – [Dad] Jenae’s putting her baby to sleep. (Jenae laughs) – We got all the dogs lined up. We’re gettin’ ready for a feast. – [Dad] And a nap. (“Trip A Little Light Fantastic”) ♪ When you’re lost ♪ ♪ In the dark, sure ♪ ♪ You can struggle and resist, or ♪ ♪ You can trip a little
light fantastic with me ♪ ♪ And if you’re lost in the crowd, sure ♪ ♪ You can– ♪ – The kids have really liked the music from Mary Poppins Returns. Which reminds me, it is less than a week until I get to go see Hamilton with Lin-Manuel Miranda here in Puerto Rico. Pretty excited. (cheery guitar music)
She’s got her tongue out. She’s ready. How’d it turn out? – Really good. – [Kids] There’s an iguana. (mysterious music) – I’m gonna get a little
closer to the iguana. (cheery music) (laughs) So cool. They’re so fast. – They’re like the speed of lightning. – [Dad] Somethin’ like that. – Or if they see a human, pfft! They just go, boom! – [Dad] Did you see it take off? – Yeah, at the swimming pool, we saw, like, a bigger one, it was huge. – [Dad] It was like four feet long. – Grocery shopping is
always an adventure here, because I’m still trying
to figure out the stores, and what products they have and what they don’t, and where everything’s located. I did, today, find a few fun new things for us to try. Check these out. ‘Kay, guys. This is Coconut Snacks. And this one is Dulce de Leche snacks. Yeah, which one do you guys wanna try? Coconut or Dulce de Leche? – Caramel!
– Dulce! That one! – Can we all try both? – [Mom] Sure. And look, both of these are gluten-free. – Try to open that.
– Sure. Poll question: which one
would you want to try? The Coconut Bites or the
Dulce de Leche snacks? Which one are you doin’ first? – Coconut. – Coconut?
– Coconut! – [Mom] You like it? – It’s mostly just
coconut mushed together. – [Mom] Laura do you like the coconut? – Yeah. – [Mom] Is it soft or crunchy? – [Isaac] It’s like a mix. – [Mom] Kind of both? – Yeah. – It smells horrible. – [Mom] Caleb’s gettin’ up the courage. Does it have a weird smell? – Mhmm. It’s different. – It’s really good. Kind of like, crunchy caramel. – Manny is givin’ it a try. – [Mom] Dulce de Leche! – She’s just kinda lickin’ it. – It’s not good. – [Mom] They didn’t like Dulce de Leche. Mmmm.
– She’s goin’ for it. Her grin (laughs). Almost like she’s doing something deviant. – [Mom] Then she keeps licking her lips. (fun tropical music) So I was talking to a friend yesterday, and she asked, “Do you
guys still feel like “you’re just on vacation?” And I said, “No, not at all.” Unfortunately, we’ve been so bogged down with the busyness of moving. You know, tax and bank documents, car breaking down and needing repairs, and the kids being sick, and just getting settled and shopping. We’re doing so much of that, that we haven’t done anything
fun or vacation-like yet. Here we are on a tropical island, and we hadn’t even made
it to the beach yet. So, we’re very excited to
be getting out of the house, have our car working, we’re all healthy, let’s do this. – This is also our
first time for the kids, even just drive along the coastline, which is a really beautiful drive. – [Mom] Do ya see it? – Yeah! – It’s over there! The ocean! – [Mom] Look at this rainbow. We can see all of it now, and it’s landing over there in the ocean. (clock ticking) It’s raining! We just got up here to the beach, and it is starting to rain. – But the rain here is warm, so, whatever. – [Mom] Rain, schmain. – We’re gonna be wet in the ocean, might as well be rained on. I don’t see any lightning.
– We’re going anyway. There’s nothing stopping us. – That means we’ll have more wet sand. – [Mom] So, this intersection
doesn’t have power. Which still happens some
in Puerto Rico, but… Most of the lights we’ve
come across have power now. – We don’t care that it’s raining. And, also, there won’t be many people. – [Mom] You’re right. It won’t be super crowded. (chill beach music) – The ocean! Haven’t been for so long. – Whoa. – Yeah! (waves pushing) – Whoa! – Get in the water! – It’s warm! Like… Ahhh! – Jenae does not know where she is. (laughs) – I feel dizzy in the ocean, and it feels like you’re moving. (tropical music) – I forgot I have my glasses on. – [Dad] Whoops. – I wanna get back in! – I swam back there, it’s like… I’m, like, never swam an ocean. – It’s like a nice bath. I can see it! Do you think it’s salty? – [Dad] For sure salty. – Ew! – [Dad] Is it salty? You floatin’? – I’m floating like nothing. – [Dad] The buoyancy! – [Mom] Papa Keith has fun at the beach. Woo! (uptempo Spanish music) – So, Jenae apparently
doesn’t currently like the feeling of sand on her feet. When I put her down, she squeals and just wants
to be picked back up. What’s the matter? She has sand on her toes. This could be a problem, because I plan to be at the beach a lot. Hopefully she warms up to it. I’ve tried putting her down, and she just reaches up for me. She’s like, “No! No!” (hip-hop beat) – Unfortunately, with this transition, there have been a lot of mosquitoes. – Only for me. Jeremy has, like, one bite. Elise has one. Nobody else has any, but I’m getting eaten alive. – [Dad] They love you and your blood. You got the hang of it? – Uh huh! – [Dad] Let’s see it! She’s got the hang of it. – I can even go through the wave. – [Dad] You can go right through ’em? – Mhmm! – [Dad] Oh, you’re brave. – [Mom] Caleb has found
his natural habitat, digging in dirt. Whatcha makin’? – So the water can’t compact. – [Mom] Ooh. Like a trap for the water? – Hey! (relaxing beach music) (waves crashing) (Jenae laughing) – [Mom] So, she’s not a fan of the sand, but she’s a fan of the water. – It used to be opposite. – [Mom] Did it used to be opposite? – Yeah, in San Diego. – [Mom] How are you doin’? – I love floating. – [Mom] You love floating. – Mama, I’ve found a sea shell. – [Mom] You found a sea shell? Sweet! Oh! You did, you found one! I like it. No, I won’t put my feet down, dad! (calming piano music) We went exploring a bit. Papa Keith and Isaac are playing chess. Oh, is Laura giving some pointers? – Laura’s cocky but smart. (Mom laughs) – [Mom] If you need to find Lacy, she’s reading. – I’m either reading
upstairs or down here, or in my bedroom. – [Mom] Yep. She’s on her second
Ramona book in two days. Do you like the Ramona books? – I’m gonna read all of them.
– All of them? – I’ve listened to Ramona the Brave and Ramona the Pest, I think? – [Mom] Yep, I read Ramona the Pest to you guys a long time ago. Or, Beezus and Ramona? – Maybe it was, ’cause I don’t remember. – [Mom] I remember reading these when I was about your age. They’re good books. – I love the author, too. – [Mom] Yeah, we’re gonna have to read a bunch of her books. – C, G, A, F. (piano chord) And then, G chord. – [Mom] Where is Jenae? (Jenae laughs) – Yay! Dzoododo. Yay! (Jenae laughs) It’s my hat! It’s mine. (Jenae giggles) – She’s like, “Somebody’s
gettin’ in trouble.” (bright pop beat) – Thank you!
– You’re welcome.

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