Hello! Now We’re We’re in Singapore for the flight transit after this… We’ll fly straight to Maldives Maldives? Maldives? Yeah what so ever We’re going to have…our first honeymoon! And we’re exactly in Marina Bay Sands with my husband Niko! Come here and say hi! Hi! Awkward silence Now you guys can see my skin is still…white glowing skin…well not really actually But at least it’s not dirty and filthy yet I might not look like this when I get back home So, be ready be ready be ready Okay We’re now at… Yay Maldives! Now they are picking us up to… …sea plane? Yeah looks like we’re taking the sea plane At the airport… You can find a lot of resort booth So if you came here and have not book the resort yet, you can go to the booth and see if they still have a room available But I prefer to book from home.. …to prevent trouble some because of the room availibility and when we came out from the exits… The resort staff were ready with some kind of board with our name or the resort name that we booked. And they took us to the next destination And the car is providing us wifi so happy! They said that construction one is made by Chinese What is it called? So From the city to the airport… Well this place is basically filled with islands… I mean… like… they have no construction to connect each island and then the Chinese took over to build it and the Maldivian doesn’t have to use ships to go to the airport since they only ride shipss before the bridge is constructed or boats to go to the airport We’re going to have our first sea plane trip ever It’s your first time too, isn’t it? When? When I was in United states you mean when you were still in your mom’s belly right? Welcome on board everybody We’ll go straight to ‘Kea’ for 30 minutes flight Seat belt on and of course no smoking, emergency exit is the door you came in. Those two on board and two emergency exit up here as well life jacket is underneath your seat and if you have any questions, there’s emergency card in your seat belt pocket Now… we continue the trip with boat ride So cute! It’s so hot here Try it Niko! LOL It won’t fall. Right? No! Niko.. Even if you fall down, it’s just water down there Well at least… We’ll having the time to see the sunset here! Is it safe if I stand up? Hold me Oh my God! Oh my God! Now we’re in the.. underwater restaurant and here… Does the camera catch my voice? What? My voice, is it recorded by the camera? It’s okay Well then… Just pretend to have a conversation okay? So this is an underwater restaurant. And we have 7 menus Just like what we had in Paris From appetizer, main course, etc. Well my taste is a traditional one. So I think this dish is not delicious for me I don’t like it I swear This? What if the saw us? Wait wait Niko! Hurry now! Here… Where’s my fork? Thank you. We looked like we’re cheating in exams Though just a dinner in fact LOL It’s an open sea restaurant the fishes they are from the open sea I saw a group of fish they past by with their friends a squad just like vijhai, nana, rachel, deva, alvi, and idhong. Because he will be up set if he get left They gave us a book like this it explains the fish species which we can’t see in our aquarium So… I saw this zebra fish since we came here Halo! We already back inn our resort in Maldives… Maldives? omg whatever And Niko is sleeping instead of anything I’m going to have a bathtub shower since I’m so exhausted from the airport and my body is getting drenched as well And I usually use the scrub from Tiff Body before the shower I can use it like 4 times in a week as you cans see in my snapchat or insta story I really like the chocolate mask powder from Tiff body I like the fragrance so much. It’s cocoa and coffee which I love so much after that I usually use the mask powder from Tiff Body The structure looked like this as you can see here we have to mix it with water too and just simply rub them all over your body I preferably use a water product from ‘Sakre’ since it has a nice flower fragrance and it is good enough since we can use it as a toner and facial cleanser too and for those of you who has been asking what kind of soap that i use lately… I use the soap from ‘Sacre’ lately. I actually have been using this since a long ago. But I’ve just bought the new one.. I really love this one. But I’m kinda trying the oatmeal one I love this for the black color Next It can diminish the back acne. I got a lot of back acne when I got home from Santorini. It might be because of the weather that wasn’t suits me well and the back acne was disapear when I used this. It is also 100% organic and made from herbal The eingredients are palm oil, olive oil, rice barn oil, castor oil, goat milk kefir, water, NaOH, Bamboo, Oatmeal, fragrance oil and I love the fragrance so much Love it! If you guys interested to buy Sacre Water or Sacre Soap… or scrub and mask powder form Tiff Body You can see it here. I will put the instagram username for you to order it… Now I’s going to have my bathtub showerr and I will go to swim as well see my super gold bath tub I don’t know if I can find some fish from here And these are my shower ‘equipments’ So… Bye… See you after shower Hello! We’re going to have a diving tour! Can I bring my hat? Opps I mean snorkling Right? He stays quiet as susual Baby shark! There’s a lot of baby shark! There! Is it visible? We’ll take that small boat or that boat? This speed boat is awesome Not like what I imagined aaw so sweet The menu… Distilled water. No, I don’t drink alcohol The menu here…
I think it’s better if you move here There is my name.. And also mine Niko…Rachel… It is all Indonesian food Baked fish in banana leaf. pepes ikan! Grilled chicken Sumbawa style, Ayam sumbawa Stewed beef padangnese style! Rendang LOL Dendeng LOL Those name is what makes them expensive There are kind of cute light ove here and the seats are made of sands Here… Niko is taking his cigarettes on Here we have.. – Is that rendang?
– Rendang! Rendang or so called… I’ll mention it one by one using the ‘nicknames’ The first is… Grilled chicken sumbawa style or Ayam taliwang This one is… I don’t know what do they call this one. And this one… it’s stewed beef padangnese style Beef rendang This one… Morning glory balinese style saute plecing kangkung! The pepes looks luxrious Thak you And your name? It’s Chef Wign! We are going to eat Gado-gado What are you cooking now? It’s ayam taliwang and rendang teh sauce is very spicy The pepes is using European fish Wooow Which one is better? – Which one?
– This one taste better since it use expensive fish haha What about the spices? Where do you get it? We bought it from Thailand And the taste? I had a perfectly the same taste of Indonesian food when I ate gado-gado and the soup This is rendang We bought the beef from Australia Wow We only lack one kind of spice What is it? – Curcuma leaves
– Is it difficult to find it here? Yes So what do you do to replace it? I… I add more coriander and lemon grass and also orange leaves So sweet The table is heart shaped Thank you Niko… Hello! We’re now in… Where? Where? SIngapore! Singapore What are you doing now? What are we doing? You can see what I’m doing Why are you like that 🙁 Retake! What are we doing? Eating We’re are going to eat I want to ride that one please Come on! – Okay then
– Come on… I don’t want to go Why? loser! I want o ride this. Nooo It’s just like a museum! No way – I remembered that one!
– Which one? It swings a lot! No, it’s not! Come on! So we bought the fast pass ticket but tried nothing here because Niko is scared. And I already got bored here So I think I will just give the ticket to other person If only we can find another Indonesian, but we found nothing What if that girl over there? I think It she’s the one What if she already wants to go home?

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