10 Best Places to Visit in Yucatan Peninsula

Good morning, my name is Miriam Balsley, and I’m here for the first morning in the Yucatan, and I’m just here to see what the beach looks like, see how the wind feels my face and do some exploring. The resort & beach hotspots of Cancun The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Chichen Itza. The yellow-painted town and convent of Izamal. Just inside the convent the Cristo Negro, or Black Christ, resides. The delightful colonial city seldom frequented by tourists of Valladolid. The recently excavated ruin and large murals of Ek Balam,. The bird-watching, crocodile-feeding, and pyramid-climbing of Coba. The shopping, surfing, and beachcombing of the Maya Riviera’s fastest-growing town of Playa del Carmen. The water sports and island charm of Isla Cozumel. The breathtaking cliff views and swimming at the ruins of Tulum, and the snorkeling, upscale-condo community of Akmal. Won’t you join us? Let’s go exploring and pretend we’re the explorers.

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