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11 TYPES OF PEOPLE AT THE BEACH 11 TYPES OF PEOPLE AT THE BEACH THE OVERDRESSED Sorry guys. I’m late. My heel broke. Why are you in here? I came here to play. Do you like my new dress? I think you should just go home. No, no, no. We can play. We can play. I can play barefoot. It’s okay. It’s okay. Just go. Continue? We continue? Sorry, sorry. Move. THE PARANOID Son, I’m actually very worried, you know. I actually do not know how to swim. What happens if I get stung by a coral? And then after that, I start bleeding everywhere? In 2002, I read on the news, there was someone
who got stung by a jellyfish. Pa, why are you complaining? We’re here to have fun. Let’s go! You are here to have fun. I’m here to find you a good momma. THE PERVERT Hello Ladies,
ready to have some fun time? I’m just adjusting my sarong. THE SUN AVOIDERS Why are you dressed like this on the beach? I’m preparing for the rain. Plus, I don’t want to get a sunburn. I think I’m tan enough. What? Are you being racist? No, he’s not. UV rays have very
damaging effects on your skin. Fair enough. THE SUN WORSHIPPERS Hey, do you want to trade cards? I need that tornado card. Ouch. What the hell? I’m so sorry. I’m so so sorry. You better be sorry. Oh my god. Is my hair okay? THE UNCOOL GUYS Wow, look at those girls. You think we ever stand a chance? Chance for what? Let’s just face it. We are guys in a
beach building sand castles. We’ll never get close to that. Come on. We are
intelligent, driven, motivated. I can’t believe it. I have been walking this whole round,
and I still can’t find a good seashell. Why is it so hard just to find a
good seashell by the seashore? It’s alright, Kevin. We have a lot of tools here
to build a fine sandcastle. I’m just upset you know, like I prepared this for
a very long time already. Yup, we’re gonna die virgins. Sorry, we are gonna take our toys back. Now we’re left with nothing. They left us the car. At least we have the car mate. Choo choo. THE HUNKS Guys. Are they looking? Okay guys. Plan A. Plan A. What’s Plan A? Push up. Alright let’s go. One hundred and five. Lower. The Rock say never give up. Bro, why are you not doing? I’m looking. I’m looking. Down. Let’s go. Show off. Easy. Very easy. Uh, so loud. THE INSECURE GUY Hey Trev? Huh? Why don’t you take off your shirt? Allergic to water bro. Make sense. Make sense. Wait. But we are in water? Sea water different. THE BULLIES So what do you guys think we should
call our latest model of sand castle? Wintergell. Wintergell. I like it. What the hell man? We spent so long building this. Alright, then just build it again. Losers. Let’s go. What’s your problem? Say that again. So you think you’re so tough huh? Well let me tell you something. We didn’t spend 3 hours building this
sand castle just so we had to redo it. Then what else are you gonna be doing? Because you’ve been
checking those girls out, but you never ever going to talk to them. So why not just
continue building your castle? You know what. I’ll prove you wrong. I’ll prove all of you wrong. I am going to talk to them. Yes. I finally got the seashell. We can finally finish building
our sand castle. Come on. Everybody, you need to help. Hey Dennis, come on. Come on. Go collect water. Everyone has a role to play. Let’s go. Let’s go.
Let’s build the sand castle. THE GAMER Okay, so here’s my plan. I am going to attack her
village on Coin Master, and that would definitely
get her attention, right? So she’ll be coming,
running here to talk to us. Are you sure about that? Yeah, just listen to me. Trust me. Yes. Three hammers. Now attack. And done. Village destroyed. It’s only a matter of time
before she comes running. Sure man, whatever you say. Oh my god. I think that
guy just attacked my village. Should I do something about it? Like what, confront him? I don’t know. Why don’t you just take revenge? That’s a good idea. Wait, I think she just destroyed my village. Yeah man, your plan totally worked. She’s so in love with you right now. Now take this, and build. THE BEACH HATER Damn it, my village is
completely destroyed. Why did I even want
to come to the beach? I hate the sand. I hate the people. I am so sorry. Can you throw that back? No! My Prata. THE LIFEGUARD Hey, that was a pretty good throw. Really? You think? Well, not really. But I wanted to say — Help! Did you hear that? Wait, no, what did you wanted to say? I think someone’s drowning. No, no. Okay, someone is definitely drowning. I think he’s just soaking. You call that soaking? Let’s not get involved. Anyway, you were
gonna tell me something? No, we need to do something. Let’s go. Fine. Help, anybody help. Help, help. Please, please oh my god. Everybody back up, I know CPR. One, two, three. Did you see that? Help, help, anybody help. Another person drowned. Oh my god, help. Please. Please. Someone just drowned.
Please anybody, help. I got you bro. One. Two. Honestly man, I’m fine. Don’t worry bro. You will be fine. It’s not working. I need to perform mouth to mouth. No! Hey everyone,
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