#19 Cap d’Ail peninsula – Life at French Riviera

We are not afraid of winter because winter is not present here haha We going to the train station Train trip to Cap d’Ail to have a walk around small peninsula Cap d’Ail it’s a small village before Monaco from the West direction And here we are at the station buying a ticket and it will then turn out if the train will go or not as it is not obvious here… from this train station there are also buses departing to Poland Sindbad company sometimes you can see buses and hear Polish language tickets to Cap d’Ail they did not have enough money for the touch screens and you need to do everything with this device… and this is he ceiling we are here already and going towards the sea it stinks here as there are sewage pipes probably there in the back and it smells like shit and going out from tunnel straigh to the sea Azur Bonjour Cap d’Ail Sun is shining very strong and it is very nice it’s like summer and today it’s 8th of Feb 2015 it is very nice here, beautiful weather exotic plants beatuiful villas and smell of dog’s shit unfortunately inhabitatnts of this region similarly to Poland re not keen on cleaninig after their pets… it is very sad as you can step into something… it would be great to have a plece over here wieth a view on the sea look how big windows… but dirty probably nobody lives here where? there? ok we can go there I hope there will be passage we will see beautiful mediterranean villas let’s look what is there hał hał hał hał hał hał hał hał it so warm that I needed to take of jacket walking slowly to Monaco lot of people are using these paths when the weather is good but paths are quite narrow sometimes it is hard to walk lot of people walking and runners running and sometimes it’s hard to pass and they are running just behind your back giving these strange noises he-he-he-he I was trying several times to force myself to run but unfortunately I gave up but one time I have finished 10km run in Gdynia stairs, stairs very often there are no beaches here but only concrete lying places on the rocks but you have stairs small lizard as you can see mediterranean lizards are not afraid of winter because winter here is like a summer in Poland we are not afraid of winter as winter is not present here hahah and I think that everyone who do not like cold should move here from North to the South beatufil views beautiful exotic plants and it is warm throughout the year I have never liked cold and winter and I always wanted to live in place like this where the weather is good all year and you do not have to dress in 5 jackets like an onion I don’t like it’s beautiful all these paths there are lot of them and this one around Cap’Dail all the time you walk by the sea it is not turning to the woods, bush etc all the time by the shore we have walked here before but the waether was terrible it was raining drizzle all the time now it is ok, but in the summer it will be too hot again the is the south exposition so the sun is shining here all the time in the summer when air temp will be 30 degrees celsius you could proably die here this is the end of France and over there, the high blocks of flats it’s Fontvieille district of Monaco and the Principality begins there here the rocks changed the colour to dark grey maybe some differrent chemicals are in it but it looks like it was all made by man like glued as if someone glued this with cement if you have some geological knowledge please let me know some suggestions as it isnteresting thank you if you like the cactus tea… see all the fruits for you the weather is really great and as it very common here you have a small source of drinking water another stairs to the sea very steep be craeful it is wet and there is no one step here it’s slippery are you going? beautiful water tunnel we are going nto the tunnel there is marina over there but is it still France and these blocks it is Monaco very nice walkpath even with the kids as it is not very hard heli taxi from Monaco to Nice airpot it popular here to go between Monaco and Nice I do not travel this way of course but if there is an emergency and you need to get fast from Monaco to Nice airport so this is a solution it about 120 or 160 eur I do not remeber I can smell the food in the air I think it’s time for lunch and here we are in Monaco this roundabout it’s a border between France and Monaco and the street in front and the stadium on the left with high columns it the end of Monaco you can see that we are in Monaco as you have nice plants the sidewalks are nicer and there is no dog’s shit this is the headquaters of FC Monaco and if you are interested Monaco has it’s own university at this stadium in 2004 there was a bomb attack I do not know, if during the game or if it was sempty but they did not find anybody and they do not know who did this why and how I came up with an idea thet I will open a foundation that will collect money for me for an appartment in Monaco 😛 I think there will be lot of people willing to donate 😉 we wanted to have lunch here…. but it is closed on Sundays you do not eat lunch propably… there is the Fontvieille district very nice, lots of green nice parks and if anybody would like to sponsor a flat for me I wouldn’t say no 😛 It’s really strange that restaurants are closed… so we have only option the best restaurant in the world Golden Arcs whis is over there Golden Archs are always opened yummy yummy in Monaco there are lot small parcs nice and tidy as this one here with palm trees we are going to the sation and back home this is the tuunel to the trains station like in the airport we are in hurry train is in few minutes looong tunnel C quickly buying tickets and running to the train quickly it’s coming hurry run ooooh, we are on time here you need to hurry for the trains these are regional trains there is no fast city trains here like everywhere in the world you need to wait 30 minutes for the next one and here we are in Nice oooohhhh catch the peagon peagons in the French Riviera have very bad manners and they are everywhere and they are flying very low and almost staright into your face I have never meet such peagons, back in Poland and it is time to finish good bye


  • Daniel B.

    pieknie! nienawidze was! 😛 haha
    ja zazwyczaj spiesze sie powoli dlatego na nic nie zdanżam 😛
    a ze "zlotych lukow" nie moglem, do tej pory sie smieje 😀 dobre!! 😀
    pozdrowienia z wyjatkowo dzisiaj slonecznej szkocji 🙂

  • Asbjörn Karlsson Asbjörn

    Merci 😀 de la France
    Welcome to France Polish people 😀 

  • Asbjörn Karlsson Asbjörn

    J'aime les Polonais.

  • T. U. M. F. P.

    Czyli nawet gołębie, podobnie jak ludzie we Francji, mają wyjebane na wszystkie zasady i przepisy;) Vive la liberté 😉

  • miroslaw sokolowski

    witam mam pytanko byl pan w lutym tam a jesli mozna spytac to ile na oko stopni bylo ze tak slonecznie i cieplutko
    hmmm luty lutym ale jak by nie bylo to to jest pora zimowa ….

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