#19. Malaysia’s Paradise – PERHENTIAN ISLANDS

We are off to Perhentian Kecil I don’t know if I’m pronouncing it correctly and we’re gonna try and get in at the Butterfly cottages They do not allow any bookings when you arrive you need to write your name on a white board and whenever there’s an unit opening up the person that’s name is first on the board gets that unit so fingers crossed otherwise we don’t have accommodation anywhere and we’re really tired and we really need this Nice wooden house on the beach We can always sleep under the palm tree For the first day until we get accommodation Luckily there’s a lot of hotels and there’s another island just next door so if this one is full we’ll just go to the other one There’s fortunately… There’s no cars and there’s no road …fortunately a lot of sea taxis Right, we’re now at the bay where Butterfly resort is Is it Butterfly resort or Butterfly … Butterfly chalets Chalets Butterfly chalets, that’s where we’re going This island, you don’t find any vehicles not even scooters it’s all foot or sea taxi Nothing else Morning Morning, well and you? We’re here at Butterfly resort and apparently you have to write your name on here Checked out 27th 29th. What’s today? 27th. So somebody is checking out Let’s see if I can find somebody So, desperate times called for desperate measures and after going through this whole section in this side of the island we ended up with this Twice the price that we pay for any place we paid for this Water leaks around here, no problem It’s part of the cleaning process That’s how we clean the bathroom Some leaks here as well Nothing serious We gonna feel like sleeping in a cave tonight with all the water flowing and dripping I came to look for you You are taking for 150 years Right on the beach and believe it or not we are very lucky tonight because it’s low tide when it’s high tide they have to sit in the sea which is not a bad thing I guess Amazing views Beautiful scenery We’re finally moving into the Butterfly cottages and while everybody is having a nice lunch we look like this and at first it feels a bit awkward with all the tourists sunbathing and walking around and you with all your luggage but then you realise everybody has to do it There’s no no way to get from the pier over this beach to the other side without carrying your luggage and here’s the restaurant with the tables in the water So, if you’re up for a nice sea lunch, this is the place to come Continue straight on Lovely reception We feel warm and welcome Right at home, there’s an exercise bike for Melanie and then further on That’s part of the reception, don’t worry, it’s just the rubbish and stuff. Further on you’ll get to the nice chalets Very basic but amazing Look at this view Once again and I’ve been saying that quite a lot Look at this view But , isn’t that why you travel? And inside it’s also it’s very basic but it’s beautiful it’s clean The bedding looks nice compared to what we did last night and most importantly this is what you wake up to and this is what you going to bed to This amazing view! The perfect home schooling spot And Megan is writing a six or is it a seven? What are you writing? Look at Kayla She’s writing the numbers Well done! There’s one boat fleeing for safety There is a huge storm on its way It’s big a hell of a wind came up What? Storm? I like storm. Okay so they’re chasing us away because there’s a storm here and it’s such a relief It’s lekker cold It’s enjoyable, it’s nice and we have to go inside Our order is on the plate Two Roti’s With the storm coming, we’re gonna try a take away and get home Must I run with the kids so long? Yeh, go I’m gonna run with the kids. Will you bring two Tigers with? I love you You want two Tigers?Alright Thanks I got our take aways and now it’s running in the rain Breakfast at Ewan’s cafe Restaurant They have nice warm coffee They actually serve omelette This is our table This’s where we’re gonna have breakfast This is the rest of the restaurant and there is Megan and Kayla with the rest of the people They attract quite a crowd This is the crowd now that Megan is attracting She is just chatting away with the locals If you walk past our little house where we’re staying right now with the beautiful view you continue on with this walkway and you’ll get to the rainforest camping site which is obviously or according to them a beautiful place to overnight if you’re into the camping thing I’m not sure what this is, here in the middle of the forest, but there seems to be very relaxed backpackers lying on a mattress underneath the trees just the way backpackers do it. With a nice jetty No rules, no shoes There is more and they really really bare basic we thought we live in basi but these people live basic I assume this is the kitchen They have a kettle though These people have a kettle, we don’t Mira beach 800 Rainforest camp 400, Crocodiles 300 and some more houses in the forest and they’re actually quite beautiful and they have electricity. I can see the fan going up there Beautiful wooden houses in the forest Alright, this rainforest is full of surprises once again, accommodation right on the beach And this is a probably the right term for a wooden house and you can’t believe it, you’re here at the rainforest campsite and there’s a whole community going on here with food, breakfast, everything You look so good Thanks You look like me when I was younger Say thank you Thanks! I love your little freckles Thank you very much So we eventually got to the rainforest beach, we got interrupted by some very friendly and festive Dutch people and as well as a Swedish and a New Zealand guy. There they are Waving at us and that was and that’s how the look after a bottle of Vodka So they’ve brought a bottle of Vodka from Indonesia and they’ve been drinking the whole day and now they on a Hello!! Just look there! Don’t look, don’t look! I have it on camera! I am SO sorry about this guy! Saying bye to the forest beach What an amazing place It’s so beautiful here It’s so quiet and laid back They have a nice bar and they serve all sorts of juices They even serve Tiger and they make dinner as well. Tents there at the back You can rent one of those tents for RM50 per night So, jumping off not a very high cliff but it’s very shallow there, so when you jump in make sure you break your speed otherwise you crash at the bottom And that’s how it’s done. Let’s show you We planned to stay two nights on the Perhentian islands but there’s a saying amongst the locals. Once you land on the Perhentian islands, she will mesmerize you with her beauty and keep you from leaving We SO fell under her spell and kept on extending our stay Thank you to all our subscribers for following our travels. We cherish each and every one of you If you are new to our channel, please hit the subscribe button and join our travels. Thank you for watching and Happy Wanderlusting!

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