2013 Buick Enclave

Hi this is Joe Bruzek for cars.com Buicks
three-row enclave SUV started the brand’s revitalization when it was
introduced in 2007 for 2013 its redesigned for its first time since it
was introduced now the 2013 shows off revised front
styling interior styling and as well improvements to the ride quality the
enclaves overall shape is unchanged it still has the same profile the same side
styling but up front is where you really notice the difference it’s much less
bug-eyed than before there’s a new hood new fenders and a
very large grill now standard equipment on front includes hid headlights and
ours is equipped with swiveling headlights that turn the headlights in
the direction of the steering wheel of GM’s large 3-row crossover SUVs which
include the chevy traverse and GMC acadia the buick enclave is the most
luxury oriented and there’s improvements made for 2013 amp that up a little bit they’re softer touch materials as well
as a new dashboard design and in addition there’s this cocoa-colored
interior plus other new interior options that aim to add more of a luxury touch
the cocoa interior doesn’t look that great the color is nice but the materials have
kind of a sheen to them that doesn’t scream luxury or high quality it doesn’t look like too much of
improvement over the Traverse and acadia as far as quality there’s still some
panel fitment issues but the the style is much more luxurious and you get
stitched up or – pads as well as ambient blue lighting that you do see a lot of
watch free cars standard equipment and all enclaves is
Buick IntelliLink touch screen now the touch screen is laid out very nicely but
it uses the capacitive touch type controls that were not a fan of and it
takes some getting used to navigation is optional but this includes
standard features such as smartphone integration with pandora and stitcher
apps that works seamlessly with the smartphone other notable standard equipment
includes a power tailgate and remote start for the high 30 thousand dollars
starting price now ours is loaded with optional equipment north of fifty thousand dollars and that
includes the rear seat entertainment system navigation upgraded sound system
as well as heated and cooled seats and second Sun roof for rear passengers now the engine transmission the
specifications haven’t changed but there’s new tuning the transmission that
makes the Enclave accelerate seamless laborers before it was kind of a clunky
operation and the new suspension makes the Enclave ride less like a minivan and
more like Mercedes it’s a much more refined ride quality and it feels more
substantial going over bumps then before while the ride quality is improved the
brakes have not the brake pedal has very hard feel and it takes a lot of effort
to come to a quick stop what hasn’t changed is the enclaves gas
mileage is the same as 2012 also unchanged is the inside and that is what
makes the Enclave such a great people carrier there’s plenty of room in the
second row and the third row for adults I’m six feet tall and i am very
comfortable in both rose and now part of that is because of the sliding second
row now these are the captains chairs and the hungry you can also come with
seating for eight they’re seating for seven with these
chairs now they slide and they also recline and even when it slid all the
way forward to give a third row passenger the most room I am still very comfortable in the
seating position if you want something larger than the Enclave on the inside
then you’re looking at minivans and they’re just not as nice and if you want
something more luxurious well then you’re looking at smaller
issue fees the 2013 enclave continues to offer a unique blend of premium feel on
the inside and family friendliness ok yeah


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