2017 Buick Enclave Review | Features Rundown | Edmunds

MacKinnon from Edmunds, and this is an Edmunds expert
rundown of the 2017 Buick Enclave. The first thing to know
about the 2017 Enclave is that it’s not
an all new vehicle, unlike its corporate
cousin the 2017 GMC Acadia. Instead, the Enclave soldiers on
as essentially the same vehicle we had in for a long-term
test way back in 2009. On the bright side,
that means it’s still a remarkably spacious
crossover with much more cargo room than the new Acadia. If you want more
space, a minivan is just about your only option. The Enclave also offers
a smooth ride and seating for up to eight,
although we’re less impressed by the V6 powertrain’s
fuel economy and performance. Pop inside the
Enclave, and you’ll see there’s ample passenger
space in the second row. You’ll also find a
roomier third row than what the new
Acadia gives you. This isn’t the SUV
for you if you’re looking for the latest
features and technology. Upfront, Buick’s tried to
keep this thing up to date, but there’s just
no hiding its age from the uninspired
dashboard design to the outdated
infotainment interface. The bottom line is that the
2017 Enclave’s on its last legs. So we’d be remiss
not to recommend its newer and more competitive
rivals, including the Honda Pilot and the Mazda
CX-9, as well as that Acadia we keep mentioning. But the Enclave does have the
distinction of being a very roomy crossover. So it has a lot of utility if
that’s what your family needs. For more Edmunds
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