38 Brittanic Crescent, Sovereign Islands – Architect Interview

(relaxing music) – I’m Bayden Goddard from BGD
Architects on the Gold Coast. I’ve known Ben and Nick
since we were pretty much 18. Every client has a different story, and every client you’ve
gotta sort of draw to a point what the outcome should be. When they asked me to
have a look at the house, the outlook was obviously pretty obvious. The location was pretty obvious. Lifestyle was probably
the largest single key. Trying to balance family
and being able to entertain. I knew they entertained a fair bit, was the core to getting the house correct. I don’t think there’s any
one clear inspiration. So the house isn’t one style. It’s a real fusion of a lot of styles. You could arguably say
it takes a bit of a lead from Brazilian architecture
or Mexican architecture, or that real Hispanic character which is very clean and very sharp. Those characters don’t have dark finishes and other materials which make it opulent. But it’s good, natural,
and quality materials used correctly, rather
than just throwing it at it to the point where nothing
stands out anymore. So you can take inspiration
from other places, but then you’ve gotta try and make it work to our Australian situation. Fusing those together is what’s
made this house successful. So the house has heaps of contrast. And then it still has the
beautiful Saturday afternoon sitting around the pool, but then it still works for
a family on a Tuesday night. This house wasn’t designed just to get through young children. It was designed to get
through every stage, and even for a family who
doesn’t have children, it’s got this cool lifestyle. It doesn’t feel like kids are here, but the house is still robust if that’s the stage of life you’re at. So this, how good is it to come home, we all work way too hard, and when you want to enjoy yourself you’ve got this beautiful
sunset at your back door. You’ve got a pool which has sun on it. You know, houses have four sides. The trick to designing one is you take advantage of every direction, just not one side of it. That’s why we’ve done the
double airlock in the entry, so we can get more north into the house. It’s why the garage is
backed on to a western side, so the north east is introduced into the courtyard in the morning. And that’s the trick. That’s why this house hasn’t
taken every inch of the block, because when you do take
every inch of the block, and you don’t orientate a house properly, you don’t allow breezes through a house, you don’t allow aspect, you don’t let the sun in
the right times of the day. And they’re all the things
that make a house successful.

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