7 Stars 7 Islands

And when we came there there was the beauty of the island. ‘La Isla Bonita’ it is called. But there was something stronger, there was more. The energy of the island is a very strong energy It’s an energy which you feel coming from deep within the Island and you can feel it going through your body. If I talk to my taoist friends in China, the masters. I explain them that La Palma is like a big volcano. Then you have the island itself. And it’s the island in the world with the biggest height difference. So and then the ocean around. It’s really like a cooking volcano with water around It’s a unique and perfect alchemy cultivation site It was like my energy became enormous. My body dissolved dissolved in the universe. With every cell I was part of the universe I was doing some movements in meditative state And suddenly I could see how it all was naturally in the beginning How the planet was in relationship to the universe. And then the space where nature is in and all the beings are in. What shocked me was the thickness of the ether of the vitality layer. In comparison with what I see now in the world It was almost painful for me to see that difference. I felt the spirits of the islands They told me: “okay we’re showing you this so you can do something about it.” Of course I didn’t have any clue on what to do about it. But they showed me you can help us and we will help you. It sounds like a crazy deal with the spirits but that’s how it went. And it all happened maybe in 15 minutes. It was like a shift that afterwards never went away. It was almost on the same moment that Dirk and I realized as we were often watching the stars and the full moon that the Big Dipper is formed in the same way as the seven islands are placed in the ocean. Then from this point on when I saw the link between the seven stars of the Big Dipper and the seven Canary Islands It became clear to me this is a place to remember These seven layers of the universe the seven of the earth and the seven like we have in the chakra as a human being. So then it was just putting the pieces of puzzle together on the table not knowing what it would become. Sometimes looking at Google if you found something. Or visiting another Island. Talking to people who lived there for a long time. And then after a while you start to see Ooh this may be a flower in my puzzle or an insect … but it’s actually quite a puzzle And then every time needing to go deeper into myself to be able to grasp what the messages were. Could we not with a group, by bringing the chakras from heaven, earth and human back together, could we not directly connect with this? So what we did is gather a group of about 40 people doing an inner alchemy process where step by step we activated each time an island energy a chakra with certain symbols in the body and then the stars from Orion and the Big Dipper which are the golden and the violet stream and we fused them in our consciousness state Gradually, step by step, we traveled through the body, intensified the stream. At a certain point, this all came together to a very powerful energy field. What we experienced at that point was a kind of original state from before there was the separation in these seven layers. It was like everything went blank but at the same time very present. Now suddenly, what I first got in symbols and then my arms and body started to move according to the symbols. It became clear very fast that this was like a prayer or a meditation in movement, that was given by these spirits for my personal development, but also to share with the people and to do the work for the project. This set of symbols we call now the ‘Life Force Ritual’ and it brings together the wisdom and information of the whole project. The life force ritual was given to us to enhance the consciousness for the world. I was always connecting to the this golden Orion stream with masters that were helping me and also the violet stream. Then something else appeared. Both streams disappeared They went into one state with a very unknown humorous spirit. For me that was the confirmation, that it just dissolved, it’s like closing the book. A few quite extraordinary things happened. When we did the process about one hour later, on a clear blue sky and heavy wind a completely crystal clear white cloud with an eye appeared above the seminar room. and just a bit later a raging fire started below the eye So we have clearly evoked some force in the island. Well a lot of confirmation … Juice of life Piece Depth Truth Colors Wisdom Transformation Blessing and Gratefulness Gratefulness

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