Accommodations & Restaurants on Bowen Island ~ Barcelona’s ‘Bowen Story’

Welcome to ‘Better on Bowen.’ Today, we’re
here at Bowen Islands’ newest restaurant, Barcelona. It’s a Spanish
tapas bar, and we get to speak with the owners, Guillaume and Yuki, who are going
to talk to us about their story, and how they came to Bowen, and what they have to
offer here at Barcelona. so Guillaume, yes Vaune, what is your Bowen story?
What brought you here to Bowen Island? So, my Bowen story started in 2006. So, it’s
12 years ago. I came just for a few days on the Island, originally. And, this is why
I fell in love with BC, Bowen, the Vancouver region. And, I decided to come back. So I came back the same year for a whole summer. And, then year after year, I always
came back –all the way from France. I always find the New World exciting, and the chance in the restaurant business was good. So, this is why I gave it a
chance here on Bowen Island. So, Yuki what is your Bowen story and how did you come to Bowen. So, I’m originally from Japan. I used to work in Vancouver. And, then I met Guillaume. And the he took me to Bowen Island for our first date, actually. And, then he
was always looking for, you know, opportunity to live on Bowen Island. That’s why we’re here. Beautiful. Yes. Can you tell us a little bit about your
experience, prior restaurant experience, and then how that informed your concept
for what you were doing here on Bowen? Yes, most certainly. So yes, of course I have a restaurant background. I
would say worldwide. I worked in the States, on a cruise ship, in Europe, in Spain.
of course. So all here and there. At the end, I always took some ideas that I was keeping
for myself. And, when we got the opportunity to open this place, then I
just took whatever I liked, and didn’t take whatever I didn’t like, to make this
place the cutest, the most attractive, the most comfortable. And, I don’t
want to be pretentious, but, I think that we’re not too bad. And, I think, from what I
hear from the world, community, people like to come. They like to come back. So,
this is why we always change the menu. Because we always want to surprise the
people. Because we don’t want, especially not them, to get bored.

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