Alphabet Cartoon – The ABC Pirates have a Kickin’ Adventure on “K” Island

(xylophone music) – Ahoy there shipmates! It’s Captain Seasalt here. Today we’re going to be
exploring a new island and learning all about things
that start with the letter K. Keep a lookout for kangaroo, koala, Komodo dragon, and kiwi. This adventure sounds like a keeper. Oops, time to kick start the show. All aboard! (whimsical music) – Land ho! – Whoa. That be klutzy. – [Ellie] Land ho! – Ahoy shipmates! We’ve kept our course and we be here. (dog barks) – Where are we Captain Seasalt? – We’ve come to a keen new island. – Yeah! – Are we going to explore the island in search for treasure? – Are you kidding shipmate? Adventure awaits! Come kindly and quickly hands. (whimsical music) Okay mateys, kiss your sea legs goodbye. Time to kick off our latest quest. – Aye, aye, Captain! – [Pedro] Today we are
going to explore K Island. We are here on the map. If we follow all the clues on the map, they’ll lead us to the treasure. The first thing we’re looking for is something that starts with the letter K. (bouncing) – Cool. What was that? (bouncing) – [Pedro] It’s a kangaroo Ellie. Kangaroos are marsupials, which means they carry
their babies in a pouch. – Kangaroo starts with the letter K. – It does. She’s the first clue on our map. I say we call her Kathy. – Hear that Kathy the kangaroo? Can you kindly guide us to the treasure? Huh Kathy? – Hi Kathy. – We’re looking for a treasure. Do you happen to know the way? (bouncing) Oh, I think she wants us to hop with her. – Arr Pedro, let’s keep pace. (whimsical music)
(bouncing) – Hmm, I don’t see the next clue. (branches snapping) – Wow, there he is! – Who is that? – [Pedro] It’s a koala Maya. Koalas live in trees
and love eating leaves. Let’s call him Koby. – Excuse me Koby the koala,
we’re looking for a treasure. Can you see anything from up there? I’m climbing up. (grunting) Wow, I can see everything. It must be fun to be a koala Koby. I think we need to go that way. Whoa. (whimsical music) – Thanks Koby the koala. – Thanks Kathy the kangaroo. (whimsical music) – Wow, who is this? – A Komodo dragon. This here is uh, Koko. Koko the Komodo dragon. Komodo dragons are the
largest dragons in the world. They’re meat eaters. – So kale’s not on the menu? – Shh. – Why are we whispering? – ‘Cause Koko’s konked
out Sammy, fast asleep. You never want to wake a sleeping dragon. Bad karma. – Okay then, let’s keep going. (quiet whimsical music) – Aww, who are you? – [Pedro] It’s a tiny little bird. – She’s kind of cute. In a kooky kind of way. – She’s a kiwi. Kiwis are small, flightless
birds with long beaks. (kiwi chirps) – I’m going to call her Kiki. Kiki the kiwi. Kiki, are you trying to tell us something? – No, she’s trying to show us something. What is it Kiki? (dramatic music) – Wow. – You found the treasure. Kudos Kiki! (Kiki chirps)
(triumphant music) – Anyone have a key? (Captain Seasalt laughs) – No need. – [Pedro] What are those? – Kiwi. – I thought kiwi was a bird. – It is, but there’s also
a fruit called a kiwi. It was named after the bird
because it’s so small and furry. – The outside may be furry, but the inside is juicy and delicious. – Wow, I’m very keen to try one. (happily snacking) – Mmm it’s so good. – Look, Kiki the kiwi is trying the kiwi. She likes it. (laughing) (overlapped farewells) – Great to see you were
all so keen for knowledge and that chest full of kiwi fruit. It’s the little things
what keep me coming back. Hey, did you catch all the things that start with the letter K? Ah, great. Let’s see if you can
spot the other K words found on K Island. (whimsical music) (kookaburra calls) Hear that? Now that’s the sound of a kookaburra. Kookaburras are birds
that make loud noises to mark their territory. And to tell their families where they be. (whimsical music) Would you kindly pass the ketchup? (Captain Seasalt laughs) Ketchup is a sauce made from tomatoes and various seasonings and spices. Good for dipping fries
and dressing burgers. (whimsical music) And now, where did I put my keys? Oh you found me keys. Keys are used to lock and unlock locks. Keys are usually meant for doors, but sometimes are needed for
extra tricky treasure chests. (whimsical music) Be that some kind of bird? No it’s a kite. A kite is a super fun toy
that you can fly in the sky. When the wind catches it,
you unravel the string and let it soar up high. Kites can even do tricks. (whimsical music) Ah, you have a keen eye
to spot some koi fish. Koi are fish with very colorful patterns and are the inspiration for a lot of art. Kudos. Ya did it shipmates. You found everything that
starts with the letter K. Keep this up, and you’ll
be a big kahuna someday. And I hope to see you on the next island we’re keeping a lookout for. Until then, see ya kiddos! (whimsical music) – [Kids] Aye, aye Captain!


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