Amazing Banana Island in #Qatar || 7000 രൂപ ടിക്കറ്റ് ചാർജുള്ള അടിപൊളി ദ്വിപ് 😍😍

Yayy.. Finally I have reached the Banana Island Do you remember this place? I have shown it in the previous episode. Today I am not going to show Kaws. It will be boring for you if I repeat. Today we will be going to Banana Island in Qatar This island is shaped like a banana This is an important thing to see in Qatar It is a bit expensive. It costs around 300 Riyal It will be around 6000 INR I will go there and show it to you THis is the boat which we will be taking to go to the other side. Introduce yourself This is the office. Let me check what the procedures are and I will tell all those to you We have entered the office. Here we have to take the ticket to go inside. We get some really good snacks when we come in This is the second room. It is a waiting room. We have some background music here. I hope I wont get any copyright strikes There are some items made out of glass These are the snacks which we saw earlier This is a very common drink here in Arab countries There will only be about 3-4 teaspoon in it There is no sugar in it Instead of sugar we have dates These dates are so big It is nothing like what we get back at home in packet This is the voucher to go to the island This comes in to parts. One is 200 Qatar Riyal which is around 400INR. For that we get voucher for having food The other 100 is for the boat service The other one is 350 Riyal For that we can have food for 200 Riyal, that is 4000 INR We can participate in some activities including pool etc in the island with the remaining amount 350 Riyal is around 7000 INR for going to the banana Island It might be because of the cost many people dont come here and we weren’t able to find much videos about it on Youtube That is why I thought of going there I also saw the island from the plane and I took a photo of it. I told that I had only 2000 INR in my account, so you might be thinking where I got the money for this This ticket was sponsored by a person here Lets get on the boat and see the views I remember my African trip this time. This is the ticket and we are going to the boat He is from Uganda This is a very good locations As I told this is a luxury resort. They have given that importance to every part This is the ship which we are going to board. The name is written on the boat There are many boats of the same name This is a wooden one It is very comfortable inside with AC Lets get a good window spot The last boat which I was in was a bigger one than this. We had an option to see the views from the deck This is a small kitchen inside with time around the world These places are for luggages There are a total of 36 seats available on the sides and 15 seats in the middle So there is a total of 51 seats in this boat As I have told in the previous video, those who haven”t subscribed, please subscribe To get more pictures of this journey, you can see my Instagram profile I also update my status everyday We get water in the boat to drink We also got dates So we are here and we are deboarding It took 15 minutes to reach the Island This is a great experience They welcome the tourists by using drums They are keeping up with the quality The water is green here He is taking some good pictures of me to put up status You can see them on my Insta This is what we see when we reach the island I will keep it in this angle itself so that you can enjoy the view On the left side of the entrance we have electric vehicles for the elderly. Many buildings are roofed with palm leaves we are going in I guess this is glass This is actually the checkin area for the hotel They have told us the right location Since we are not staying here we will go through the beach My camera will be filled with lot of good views today We can see lot of water here. It looks like a swimming pool We can dive here and take photos This is the opposite side of what i showed earlier These are resorts We have a frame here So I am finally here in banana Island Where ever we go including Palakkayam Thattu in Kannur, we will have a frame like this to take photos with So this is Mallu Traveler from Banana Island We will get Yatch, boat, and Kayaking boats etc All those are included in out ticket Those are resorts and we can see places like these near Maldives Many people are here to swim, so we wont be able to take camera to there. We have a small water theme park here. Lets jump into it. To use the pool and beach we will have to submit the ticket and they will tear of this end So let us get changed and let us have some fun I have changed the dress, they are going for a walk I am planning to take a bath We can swim anywhere we need since we have submitted the pass On the back we have a water theme park and after bath we can go there This is what we get to see when we look up Lets go jump into the water. I took a bath in the pool while I was in Mumbai before that it was from Thailand Today it is from Qatar A few years back I had 3 haircuts from 3 different countries The water looks so good There is no quicksand below. It is a hard ground. It is getting deeper and deeper We have lifeguard here so we don’t have to worry about anything It is only this deep There is nothing to see below the water except clay I got out of the water pretty fast because it is very deep unlike what I thought After around 10 meters it is very deep The lifeguard told me about this and so now we are going to the kids pool because it is not deep What you see there is kids pool and lets see the views from there. We can use the same towel both inside and out These are very clean The GCC countries does not compromise on the quality This pool is for small kids We have water theme park here Till now we saw the beach and the water theme park The electric vehicle which we saw earlier is available for us to ride. But I am trapped here and they are going around in the vehicle It is beautiful to see little kids playing around We dont let our kids go into water but these people let them go to water with all the safety eqipments I want to bring my kids here one day I am at the opposite side of the theme park now because I am going to explore a bit in the electric vehicle We can see around for about 30 minutes Vehicle is here and we are in it now It feels good to sit here enjoying the views around Even if this is electric it is very fast So I have found both of them here What did you guys see? We are walking through the Island and check out his camera I am using hero 7 He is using a cannon camera The problem with this is the weight It is very difficult to vlog with this camera and you might get shoulder pain because of this Many of my friends including NIkhil, Vishag have this issue Tech vlogers keep these cameras in tripods For those who do vlogs these cameras are not a good option GoPro is the best for vlogging The only issue is the size will be a little bigger when we edit GoPro is only 200-250 grams but this camera is too heavy Many people asked me which camera is the best for vlogging. I suggest GoPro and G7X G7X is also lightweight and I use the mobile selfie stick We have walked around in the beach and we are back at the first spot itself Let us get the food coupon and get the food from restaurant This is the restaurant and it looks like a hut The roof is made out of grass I think it is palm leaf we also have sea in the other side We have the menu here We have to check whether it is affordable Here in most of the restaurants the menu will be kept outside itself This is the inside The food is very expensive here The starting price itself is 1000INR We have the food coupon with us and we can manage something with it We have lebanese olives We have Hummus and Roti This is their welcome drink It is made of dates syrup etc This tastes really good This tastes like Atther Also most probably you might ask why did I shave my mustache I didnt have experience with mustache and it was not comfortable with it I trimmed the mustache today morning and I was afraid to do my beard I doesnt have to show anyone but still… I will shave today and will see in a better way tomorrow Our main course is here We have lot of food items including seafood. Lots of types of fish that are garnished This is Octopus We had the food The platter which we bought was meant for 2 people In my opinion around 3-4 people can have the food I only eat less and most of it was extra inclusing lobster We told them to parcel it for us I dont support wasting of food. If anything is left I always request them to parcel it for me There is nothing wrong with it. Only in certain situations we will realize the importance of food. We have got the bill and it is around 485 which is around 1000INR In India He has a channel, please subscribe to is Muneer Alappat channel I will be going to Oman on Friday TO view Qatar videos, you can subscribe to his channel Two arab kids came to me and talked to me. They behave really well to thrir guests Now we are going to the beach side We will take a bath and go back We are going for Kayaking We are going to use the rest of the balance in the coupon We are not making any extra payments for any of these We can use the 350 Riyal pass for any of these Kayaking will be a great experience here in evening It is pretty deep here I dont think I will be able to reduce the size of the video to less than 30 minutes Watch the maximum possible by you. I am not shortening it Finally we are here in the other side. We have to go back from here There are lot of houses in the other side Those will be very expensive. I am sure about that This is floating So Kayaking is over Time is around 4:30 and the sun is about to set These are the views and activities here We will once again go to the swimming pool and will go back It costs 350 Riyal for a person to come here and It will be extra if you come with your family I wouldn’t recommend to come here for that high fee This is a luxurious resort. The activities you get here will be available outside too. This is just a veriety I wouldn’t say it is ok for middle class people It will be 6000 INR for a person for 1 day If you have the cash you can come here and enjoy It might be filled when football season arrives. Many locals come here on Fridays I am so happy to get a chance like this There is nothing much. We will see again in the next episode with a surprise. Like the video, comment.

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