Andaman Islands | Paradise islands in India

Beauty and sweet aromas. Sorrow and anguish. Vibrant market life. Fear and suspicion. Genuine joy for life. In India your emotions jump from one extreme to the other. In 4 weeks the chaos everywhere properly messed our bodies and souls. After spending 6 days in a hospital we h ad ENOUGH OF INDIA! That’s what we thought, until we found a totally different kind of India. A paradise where everything we though of India changed for good. Andaman Islands – The most incredible place in India. The Andaman and Nicobars consist of over 300 hundred islands in southeast India. Right in the middle of the Andaman Sea. Rare indigenous tribes inhabit some islands. Just a few years ago a few Islands have been opened for tourism. Prices are a bit higher than in mainland India because all necessities are imported from the mainland. In order to get into this island we had to jump on this dubious looking rust bucket and sail for three hours at a cockroach infested lower deck. Havelock Island is 85% wild rain forest. Narrow forest trails are full of giant elephant footprints. Through the island runs a bumpy road. With just 1€ you can rent a bike for a day and make your way to any of the numerous beaches. There’s no way your going to find rows of beach chairs nor any annoying salesmen. On this island it’s easy to just relax and enjoy a carefree life. Time stops, because there is absolutely nothing happening anywhere. WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? 😲 There was a crab. We found ourselves just staring at little crabs never ending marches. Keeping an eye out for turtles. And playing around with beach dogs and crabs. We have never in our lives found this big seashells! By far the best food on the island is fresh fish. We are now at a fishmarket in Havelock Island. We’re going to have a look at what’s the fresh catch of the day and then we’re going to eat in the best seafood restaurant in the Island, which is right next door. Fishermen come here straight out of the sea with their catch and place all their fish in tempting neat rows. Business is going on with a surprisingly fast pace. There is Barracuda, There is Barracuda, Red Snapper, There is Barracuda, Red Snapper, White Snapper, There is Barracuda, Red Snapper, White Snapper, Sharks, There is Barracuda, Red Snapper, White Snapper, Sharks, Catfish, There is Barracuda, Red Snapper, White Snapper, Sharks, Catfish and Needlefish. And what are these small fry? Muikku=Vendace? The owner of the Golden Spoon invited us to his kitchen. Where he showed us his catch of the day and we got to taste his different signature sauces. Mithun Bepari Fish are cooked on a banana leaf, served with rice and mouth wateringly delicious sauce. An entire fish is only 7€ and a 800 gram lobster is ONLY 21€! BEST SEAFOOD FROM HERE! Golden Spoon. Dessert digestives are sold right next door. Chewing tobacco, apple, anise, sugar and ten other mysterious spices all wrapped inside a betel leaf. This leaf roll is shoved in your cheek while you chew and spit it for 15 minutes. Until all flavor is gone. You can sleep for as cheap as 5€ a night in Havelock. We wanted to try out the luxurious side because of the holiday season. It’s the 25th of December and we will be celebrating Christmas for the next 4 days. Let’s drink to that! One more time and maybe a few more to come.. In the morning one of the biggest X-mas surprises we’ve ever seen walks right by! LOOK AN ELEPHANT! This 70 year old elderly elephant used to join tourists on their scuba diving adventures. Today he enjoys his retirement days at an eco-resort. A fringing elephant! We saw an actual elephant here! Totally unbelievable. It was just drinking from the tap and splashing water. Unbelievably cute 💖 So this is their pet elephant and it must come here every morning? To have a sip of water. It got bananas for breakfast. Merry X-mas! Happy Christmas 🎄 Sunsets are our everyday entertainment. It feels so good just to sit side by side in the sand and to admire natures own light show. We would have never imagined to find in India a paradise island of our dreams. A romantic hideout, where we will absolutely return again in the future. We might have totally fallen in love with India.


  • Toivo Kangas

    mun vanhemmat on ollu intias 6kk ja itekki oon ollu vauvvana

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    Me käytiin miamissa nii käytiin semmosella kalastusreissulla nii sain hain. (Semmosen pikkusen) ja sieltä sai tosi paljon semmosia red snappereitä

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  • D-Gauss

    Nice video. What camera did you shoot it with ?

  • Stella ja Ponit

    Mitä titalle kävi?

  • Sunil Ipe

    That ocean lobster is VERY SEXY LOOKING AND ATTRACTIVE. Andamans and nicobar are 500 islands. Birds like hornbill nest at ground holes there and will not fly away because no poaching or killing there. Fish is cheap and very fresh because most indians are veg and not much travellers there. It is consumed mostly by bengalis there who are largest of Indians there. U showed poor mainland but fact is India varies. U must travel Munnar-neriamangalam (most beautiful houses in India)-kumarakom-Fort Kochi to Valparai to Coimbatore to see mainland natural beautiful places with good houses. Visit Lakshadeep islands of same Maldives archipalego.

  • Sunil Ipe

    Which country u ppl from? my beautiful village house and farming.

  • Noora Sumanen

    Onko tämä nyt matkavideo? Eikä vlogi?
    No mutta mun mielipide on, että ne toiset on parempia. Eli vissiin sitte ne vlogit 😊 Koska nämä on jotenkin käsikirjoitetun oloisia, eivätkä yhtä aitoja, kuin ne vlogit. Eikä näistä välity samanlainen fiilis, että ihan kuin itse olisi paikalla myös☺

    Ja joku kuka oli antanut palautetta vlogin kommenteissa, että te vain suurimmaksi osaksi hoette kuinka siistiä, mahtavaa ja ihmeellistä kaikki on. Ja sen takia muka katsojilta menee mielenkiinto. (Kuulosti jopa jo kateellisen puheelta moinen)
    No mut, mä olen erimieltä!!
    Niitä videoita katsellessa ei todellakaan katoa mielenkiinto.
    Niissä välittyy se aito matkailijan riemu, kokemus ja fiilis kun koet jotain ekaa kertaa! Se on just hyvä!
    Mielestäni henkilö kenellä katoaa mielenkiinto siihen, että kun matkailijat hehkuttaa sitä miten siistiä jokin uusi juttu maailmalla on…niin sellainen henkilö voisi avata töllön ja katsoa vaikkapa ylen matkailu ohjelmia, joissa tasapaksu kertoja puhuu yleistä tietoa. Niitä samoja asioita, joita löytää kyllä netistäkin googlettamalla. (Eli todella boooooring ohjelmia.)
    Teidän vlogeissa on paljon enemmän sellaista asiaa, joita et netistä googlaamalla löydä. Ja niistä välittyy nimenomaan aitous💕

    En osaa artikuloida asiaani paremmin, toivottavasti jotain ymmärsitte 😄 Parhaita teidän videot, havahduin just huomatakseni, että oon katsonu 3h putkeen teidän videoita😅💕

  • Sunil Ipe

    Travel Coimbatore to Udumalpet to Munnar (kanthalooor grows all fruirs and berries of world with many climate), Neriamangalam (most beautiful rich houses in India), Kumarakom (back water heaven) – Fort Kochi (old city) – Valparai back to Coikmbatore. BEST JOURNEY in India.

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  • Henna Valtanen

    Vaikka onkin tooosi vanha video (ja hei tullut mun synttäripäivänä) nii kysyisin vaan miks Titta oli sairaalassa? Ja kuinka kauan?

  • Sunil Ipe

    Travel munnar to kanthanloor to malakkapara and lakshadweep. U just saw cities which are chaos

  • Alex Leijona

    (tää vähä myöhässä mut) Tonne saarelle ei kannata mennä, koska jos menee tonne kuolee, koska ton saaren asukkaat elää monia vuosia vanhassa heimossa ja tappaa turistit!!!!

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