Bästa födelsedagen VLOGG

Hey, hey! It’s my birthday today. And we’re at sea. Where are we Alma? On a boat. Where? The archipelago. Where are we heading Axel? We’re on ur way to Kymmendö. What island is that? It’s a small island outside Ornö. It has a petrol station, a food store and a restaurant where we’re having dinner. We have the GoPro camera with us if you want to take some nice stock shots with stabilizer. Smart. I know. I look like the king. My little sailor. Sailor, en garde! En garde captain. You’re funny. I turn 36 today, it’s not that much to celebrate. But the family sang for me this morning. That was super sweet. You’re warm under that. Yes. And my hair is curly. -I got this from Alma and Harry. What is it?
-A necklace. What’s here? A parrot, right? We’ve arrived at Kymmendo. It’s 3:45 PM, we’re in a cute port and Harry’s sleeping. We’re having dinner here this evening. Life is great. Don’t you think? Yes. Absolutely. It’s a fantastic birthday. I love to be on a boat and I love my family. -The best Birthday?
-The best. Alma you have three little bites. Love bites. What’s that? You’ve been bitten by love. Show it. I love you. I’m going to wake Harry. Harry, it’s time to wake up. Would you like an ice cream Harry? We’re in a port, we can buy ice cream. Ok. It was so nice to sleep. That’s cozy, welcome up. Look, a fun playground! That’s old. It’s easy. You can dig there Alma. Hey. It’s cute here. Look at this daddy. Ok, let me see. Harry and Alma, how’s it going? I’ve found this. It says LOVE. -What does that mean?
-Love. Toy guns, what else. Bye! My shoes are over there. Go and get them. Show me what you bought Alma. Love. I got this. Ok, I know what you’re going to talk about now. The thing regarding this. What? Are you in love with someone? You know the answer. This is a bad swing. I know, but the viewers doesn’t. It can be a secret, right? Yes, but I am in love with someone. -How does it feel?
-Good. I knew that you were going to talk about it. I knew that you were going to talk about it. We’re going to swim. -Look at that big boat.
-Yes, its huge. It’s a Vaxholms boat. Is it nice in the water? Yes, I might as well dip my head. I can do it. Easy. We’ve changed clothes and we’re ready to have Birthday dinner. Yes! I’m the only one that got food. They didn’t have yours. Dad said that, for real. He was probably kidding, look behind you. Hey! Hey! Shrimps, some bread and your food. -Daddy, you said that I was the only one getting food. Right? -No, I didn’t. Ah, you revealed it. I want to thank my family for a fantastic birthday. Mommy, I have an idea, we can call this vlog “The best Birthday”. Have we got a Question of the Day? You can ask me a question because I’m the birthday child. What? Are you a child? Do you love me? You’re not a kid. Question of the Day is: when will you and daddy Axel get married? You never know. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe in ten years. Maybe when we have another child. Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumbs up or down. Preferably thumbs up. Comment, subscribe, philosophize. And take care until next time. Bye! Bye!


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