“Beach” – Bee and PuppyCat – Ep. 3 – Full Episode – Cartoon Hangover

Oh man, that salad looks good. What did you get? It’s yogurt. That’s all you’re having for lunch? (gurgles) (thinking) Soon it will be cheese… Soon it will be cheese. Well, if you want some of my salad, you can have it. (gasps) Thank you, Pretty Patrick! Mmm… (hums and chews) We’ll be back to the Pretty Patrick Lunchtime marathon after the break! Oh man, I love this show… Stay tuned! We’re playing every episode of Pretty Patrick Lunchtime, leading up to a special new episode where we reveal… Pretty Patrick’s… favorite food! OHH I GOTTA KNOW I GOTTA KNOW (knocking) Touch my hair. Yeah, okay, uhhh… That’s toilet water. Ewww… I haven’t seen you in a while, Cardamon! How’s school? It’s okay. How’s your mom? Still sleeping. Your toilet is leaking into my toilet. I’ll fix it for you. Oh, you don’t have to do that. Of course I do, I’m your landlord now. We’re not supposed to have pets in the building. Well, he…pays rent… (scratches) Soft… Also fat… Come watch TV with us! There’s a new special episode of
Pretty Patrick Lunchtime at 9! I can’t. It’s my job to fix your toilet problems. (hammer squeaks) I need more room to work. Oh, okay. More room. Back up further. Further. (crow squawks) (seagull call) This..is as far…as we can go. (sighs) Come on, PuppyCat, let’s go find a TV. Eww, I don’t like water. Homie? (claws click) (splash) Homie. Hooomieeee I guess the best bet’s a café. There’s a lot of them! One’s gotta be playing the Pretty Patrick Lunchtime marathon. Cleavage, dude. LET’S GO!! Aahhh! Cleavage? Cleavage dude? Hmm… (yelling) Popsicle cleavage? (shove) Hmmmm… Hot dog cleav– (smack) HMMMMM… Ice cream cleavage? None of the places are playing the show we like. I don’t like telling people what to do. Mmm… I like that we like the same show, PuppyCat. If I could, I’d buy us our own café. We could watch Pretty Patrick Lunchtime all day. Deckard could work there. And Cass could program some kind of anti-breaking toilet so when Cardamon visits, he won’t have to fix it! Ahh! AHH! AHH! Money! TempBot! TempBot’s a HUGE TV! Ahhh! Ehhh, I got sand in my suit. (scratches) We just gotta go over there, and ask TempBot to just let us hang out and watch her ’till the new episode of Pretty Patrick Lunchtime comes on at 9! Butt cleavage? Yay. (bell jingles) Yeah cool. Wha…wha… No cleavage… (sighs) (pants and whispers) Oh god… Oof… Hot! Ow! Ooh! Uhh! Why does it get so hot? Guhhh…too many hot dogs. (groaning) (cats meow) (quick breaths) (splash) Yeaaah, YOU GOT IT! Ooooo… (chanting) I hate water! I hate water!
I HATE WATER! I HATE WATER! (meowing and hissing) HAH! Not just me, also cats! Hmm…are you…hungry? Yeah, I know. Ha ha, yeah you could! (reeling) (toilet flushes) Why.


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