BeginIT Challenge 2019. The digital book “Glorious Kyllah Island”.

The Kyllah school from Olekminskiy district, Yakutia, Russia Hello! My name is Shepelev Anatoly, I am a student of grade 6. Hello! My name is Andreev Nyurgun. I am a student of grade 10. Hello! My name is Efimov Andrey. I am a student of grade 10. Hello! My name is Maximov Nikita, I am a student of grade 10. Hello! My name is Fokin Miroslav, I am a student of grade 9. Our school is located in the Olekminsky district in the village of Dapparay The young principal of the school Innokenty Innokentyevich Mulgarov is a physics teacher, winner of the Republican contest of young teachers “Teacher of the Year 2015”, the Best Teacher. Until 2010, we studied at an old wooden school on Kyllah Island. According to the program, the resettlement of the population we have built a new bright, comfortable school that suits all the requirements. Our school has many clubs and courses; children develop comprehensively And we are very glad that our school has a courses that keep up to date. We learn to create games, learn different programming languages, do computer graphics, and take part in various competitions, for example, mobile robotics Our project is aimed at solving an important problem: This is the interest of the young generation in studying the history of their native land. Our project is called the digital book “Glorious Kyllah Island”.

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