Behind the Camera: Killer Crocodile | Frontier Borneo S01E03

After I got a chance to tag along with the Bomba, the fire patrol team in Sarawak, when they were looking for a half-eaten person. Because the torso was actually washed up, I knew that we were going to get up close with crocodiles. But things took a really different turn when another man went missing along the river bank. One of the things that I wanted to do when I was in Borneo was get up close with crocodiles. I’m fascinated with them. But, never in my dreams would I get this close. Tagging along with the crocodile team was something that was special. They have a particular way of trapping the crocodiles and it took quite a few days to get the baits in. And they’re explaining to us that the bait has to smell a little bit before the crocodiles will actually be tempted to take it. We never quite knew when things were going to happen as far as crocodiles emerging. The other issue was the boat they are small and the boat that I was filming from was the smallest boat that you can see in the footage. We weren’t that high above the water so the adrenaline was pumping us through. We’re trying to hunt down these crocodiles it was pretty fascinating watching Mazlan work. He is really the crocodile Man of Sarawak. With Mazlan I knew that he knew exactly what he was doing. The trouble was I didn’t know how the crocodile would react once we actually had it on the bait. And on the day with a crocodile that they were trying to trap took the bait. The action took place. It was a couple of hours, the heat was amazing. My main thing was I needed to get close to the action but, we had to be wary there was a crocodile in the water and they had a gun. So, I had to be sure that we weren’t going to get in the way of the operation that they were doing that we could also get the shot that we needed. I personally found it very hard to watch the crocodile get shot I knew that this was a search and destroy mission because the crocodile had caused problems for the local village. But you can’t prepare yourself for what exactly happens. People might look at us and say “Look it’s not a nice scene for the crocodile.” But unfortunately there was never going to be a nice scene for this one because the crocodile had actually taken someone from the village. At the end of the mission, You can see the relief on the team I mean, its so dangerous getting the crocodile upclose to the boat and they were incredibly happy that things worked out. So once the crocodile was secured to the boat and the guys were taking it back to the village to do the autopsy, it might look like they were rejoicing that the crocodile was dead but far from it. They’re actually really really happy that no one got injured in trying to make this a successful mission. It’s never easy for these guys trying to trap the crocodiles and especially when they are larger than the boat that they’re actually travelling on. There’s a very real danger that things could have gone wrong and someone could have been injured so they’re happy because the crocodiles are now going to be taken out of the water so there’s no harm to the villagers. And they’re also incredibly happy that they managed to do this without any harm to themselves.

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