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Mmmh! That chutney has layers of flavour! – Cheers, cheers to the Guntur Idli! Cheers! Oh my goodness! I don’t even need to exert any effort, this idli is so soft! It’s just breaking away just the effect of gravity! That’s how soft this idli is! We are in Hitech City, Hyderabad and we are here to do a breakfast Andhra-style! So, let’s go meet him and taste a typical, traditional Andhra breakfast. Let’s go! Hi Ravi! – Hi how are you doing? Good, how are you doing? – Very good. So, Ravitej Ravuri runs an exceedingly successful channel called Streetbyte. And you’ve been doing this for the last three or four years? – Four years. Four years, and what I really like Ravi, is the sincerity and honesty with which you approach food. – Thank you. And so, when Ravi reached out to us when we were doing our research on Hyderabad… … mentioning he would be happy to collaborate we were extremely happy too and that’s what brings us… … here to Hyderabad to meet Ravi and… – Eat breakfast at Chutneys. … and eat breakfast at Chutneys. – Breakfast with a lot of ‘chutneys.’ Breakfast with a lot of ‘chutneys’ because we are at Chutneys! – Not like you know, you get only one coconut chutney or one peanut chutney, you have a bunch of them. And you need to try everything! And let us get into the kitchen first and let us see how the 70mm Dosa is made. What is the 70mm Dosa? – 70mm Dosa is not a screen but it’s a 3 feet long dosa! So, they make the biggest dosa, you they mix like two to three dosas and… … they make the biggest dosa which is like 3 feet long! So, the 70mm Dosa! Hyderabad loves its films. Tollywood is one of the biggest film industries in the… … world, so but naturally they had to have a 70mm Dosa! So, let’s go in and taste a traditional Andhra-style breakfast. – So, he’s Mr Sai Ram. Nice to meet you. – So, he is going to show us the kitchen. Let’s go! Let’s go into the kitchen and watch that 70mm Dosa being prepared. It’s only fitting that a 70mm Dosa is made on a 70mm pan! So, is the biggest dosa in Hyderabad? In Hyderabad is it dosa or dose? – Dosa. Dosa? – Dosa. Dosa. How big is this? How many feet? Around four feet. I’m told that this dosa is four feet. There’s a generous amount of ghee and oil that’s being slathered on this dosa. So, now the dosa is coming away from the pan. It’s ready to be rolled… … into that 70mm offering that is served on a plate. So, there you go, we have the biggest dosa in Hyderabad! The 70mm Dosa right here at Chutneys. – So, this is the dosa, this is the masala for you. Okay. – And then you’ve got the three chutneys here. This is the coconut peanut chutney and this is the star. Pure, plain coconut chutney. – With sweet. With sweet With sweet? – Yes. So, generally this is the kind of coconut sweet we make at home but with jaggery. Aah! – But with jaggery okay. – So, this is the putnalu chutney. Putnalu means all the dals. So, this is the putnalu chutney which is with all the lentils? – Lentils. And coming to this… … this is ginger chutney which is made with jaggery in it. Aah! So, it’s got that lush, velvety sort of texture. – Basically if you go to any place in Andhra, in Telangana, this is the common chutney used. They call allam bellem. Allam bellem. – Bellem meaning jaggery. Jaggery. – And this is also a ginger chutney. But this is made with green chillies and pudina. So, that’s a spicy one? – Yes, it’s a kind of spicy one. And this is tomato and corn. Tomato and corn? Wow! – You see the texture of this? I can make out it’s thick, it’s… – You get a lot of, a lot of flavours in this! Lovely! So, you have to have it with all the chutneys? – All the chutneys. This is the masala, the potatoes. So potatoes, onion, some curry leaves. – Yes. So what do you call masala in? You call it just masala? – If it is the same texture as rice, we called thalimpu. Thalimpu? – Yes, fry. Fry? – But this is the masala that we get in Andhra and Telangana called masala dose. Not dose, dosa. Dosa! That’s right. So, please viewers in Karnataka, I am in Hyderabad, so it is dosa here. That’s why I will liberally used dosa cause I get lynched otherwise when I say dosa. So, my first taste of the 70mm Dosa here. Cheers! He’s gone right away for the chutney like a pro! But you know I like to taste my dosa first just by itself, just taste… Mmmh! This is a dosa that certainly has some body. It’s a thick dosa. – Thick dosa, yes. So, when you look at it while it’s being fried, you think it is going to be paper thin. – Yes, very thin but it’s not actually. Mmmh! I also like that tartness of that batter. I think they keep the batter for sometime, for the batter to rise, for the batter to ferment. Let’s now taste with the chutney. So we are going to start first with the coconut and peanut chutney. Mmmh! – Very subtle. It will be very happy, the flavours are very happy actually. It also has some spice. You can taste that… – Then you should try the green chutney. But there is some chilli in this, right? – Yes, but very little. Is that little? – Yes. But you know, I like the flavours. You know, it’s the sort of chutney, so although I can feel it a little spicy… … but it’s the sort of chutney that makes you want to go back for a second bite. – Yes, absolutely! Mmmh! Next, we are going to go for the… – Putnalu. The putnalu or the lentil chutney. I like the creamy colour of it. It’s almost like a light pista colour. There’s also a certain sourness that I get in the chutney. – Yes. So, is that from? – So, basically if it is an Andhra this thing… what they do, particularly chutney… … every chutney, they add a little bit of tamarind to it. Little bit of tamarind? – Little bit of tamarind for everything. Okay. – Except the curries. If it a vegetarian… if it is a pulusu, they call it pulusu. Pulusu, of course. – So, if it is pulusu they go for tamarind, if it’s chutney they go for tamarind. A little bit of tamarind every where. So, Andhra loves its tamarind? – Yes. And the chilli of course. – Yes. And now you are going The mirapakai? Green chilli? – Pachi mirchi Pachi mirchi? – Pachi means which is greenish. Greenish. And mirchi (chilli) is mirchi? – Mirchi is mirchi. Alright. You know, what I think is interesting here Ravi, is the fact that when you’ve got all these chutneys with the dosa… … you know, you can actually mix and match. So although it’s such a big dosa, it’s actually very interesting because every time you are… … putting a different chutney in your mouth, you are tasting something different. Let’s taste some tomato corn chutney with this 70mm Dosa. Mmmh! You know that chutney has that sour edge of that tomato and that corn just provides that textural pop! So, you are tasting the chutney, you are tasting the dose and then you have that pop of that corn. – Now that’s going to be spicy, the next one. – Yes? Green chilli and ginger chutney. Ravi warns me, he says this is a spicy and he’s going to be watching my expressions. So, I am going to do my best to keep a calm composure even though I am burning inside. – And by seeing the colour you thought it was going to be spicy, but it’s not. You know, the chilli in this is very mellow. It’s like just that warm heat that, you know, coats your palate. You know, I quite like this in fact. It’s quite a chatpata chutney. Mmmh! That chutney has layers of flavour. – Yes. In the next one, you’ll have a sweetness, spice, sourness you have different flavours in that. The allam bellam chutney. That’s a strong chutney! And now is this spicy? It’s got spice but I won’t really say it’s spicy. It’s the sort of chutney that just takes over your palate. This is a nice thick sambar, you can see the goodness of all the lentils! You know, this is very simple in its flavours. You just taste some lentils and perhaps an edge of the tamarind. So, it’s got nothing to distract you, right? There’s no vegetables, no drumstick, no brinjal. You just taste the sambar just as it is. Mmmh! – Now you need to taste this. So, this is just fresh coconut and sugar? In Karnataka, there’s a dosa that’s made which is then stuffed with coconut… … a little bit of sugar. So, that’s the sort of flavour that I get. So, it’s that coconut milk, right? That is what you taste. Mmmh! That is deliciousness in a bite! – Babai Idli. Aah! – So this is with white butter. So this is Guntur Idli. The Guntur Idli? – Yes. And I can see that’s red and spicy. Guntur chilli? – Guntur chilli, yes. So, that is the coconut peanut chutney and that is the lentil chutney. Oh my goodness! I don’t even need to exert any effort this is idli is so soft! It’s just breaking away just by the effect of gravity! That’s how soft this idli is! I can taste that white butter. And because of the heat of the idli, that butter… … is now giving a ghee flavour!
-Ghee flavour Ghee flavour and then the Idli actually absorbs the whole butter. Wow! This idli is soft. It’s difficult to hold this idli and bring this together in one bite. It’s crumbling away! I think there’s no way you can take the idli to the chutney. You have to take the chutney to the idli. Because it’s dipped completely with the butter. Aah! So you’ve got to just smear a bit of the chutney on the idli… … and try delicately to… … get it in one mouthful. Let’s go! You know that I love my idlis. It’s time for you to taste the Guntur Idli. Aah! You know I love how soft this idli is!
-You need to break it like this. You know, just look at this! It breaks under its own weight! That’s how soft and fluffy this idli is. Cheers man, cheers to the Guntur.
-Cheers! Mmmh! So you can definitely taste that podi. It’s also opening up your sinuses. Yes, yes. I think I’m going to taste it with that chutney now. I think that podi… … is aggressive. So, for me personally, I want some of that chutney… … just to help tame its aggression. I feel the flavours now are more rounder.
-Yes. You know what I think is interesting here at
Chutneys is that… … even if you order let’s say a single portion of a dish… … the fact that you have six chutneys…
-Yes It’s almost like you’re tasting six different things. … lentil chutney. I will definitely recommend you to cover… … the Baba Idli with the sambar. This is completely different. Not the Tamil Nadu, Karnataka style. So some idli with the sambar. The Andhra style sambar is nice and lusciously thick. It’s very comforting
-Comfort food. Right? So break that… … Baba Idli down, mix it well. Get a nice mouthful… … into your hands and transfer all its
contents safely to your mouth. Mmmh! That’s a look of happiness. So you’ve got the softness, that crumbly
softness of the idli. You’ve got that… … creamy flavour of the ghee, and then you’ve got that… … comforting taste of the sambar. So you know the sugar cane juice?
-Yes So that’s juice for making jaggery right?
-Correct. So in the process, they make this syrup. Aah!
-Okay. Oh! It’s almost like honey. So this is sourced before making jaggery. What is it called?
-It’s called Cheruku, meaning sugar cane. Okay
-Sugarcane Cheruku Panakam. Panakam.
-It’s the syrup. And this is the Chiranjeevi Dosa. Yes. So why is it called Chiranjeevi Dosa? -So basically, whoever visits Chiranjeevi’s place…
Okay. So, at his home this is very famous. So you know, all the guests who go there love to have the set dosa of Chiranjeevi. – This is MLA Pesarattu…
The MLA Pesarattu. … which is made with the green gram. Okay. This will have some beauty inside it. Oh it is stuffed with… … an upma of sorts.
-Yes. Then… … you have the onions. And then on top of it butter anyway. Butter goes without saying I think.
-Yes. And this is Mango Uthappam. So this has the raw mango paste with spices that’s… … spread on…
-That’s spread over the Uthappam. Aah!


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