Best Beaches in Bali: Guide to Best Beaches on Island

This is one of the most famous surfing beaches
in the world. Right here, right now. In Bali. And the waves are so good. The surfers—oh,
my god. It looks a little treacherous for me to get
out in. So, this is still that same beach from another
angle. But the waves are not quite—oh yes, they are big. Oh, my god. One of the most
gorgeous places on Earth. So I’ve heard that the monkeys steal your
eyeglasses. They’ve been trained. What else can happen here? Uluwatu: another favorite beach in Bali. Here’s another amazing beach on Uluwatu
that I am falling in love with. It’s so pretty here; all the surfers go. One almost died because he wasn’t experienced enough and went out in the expert waves. For heaven’s sake. I’m going to boogie board here. We are in a cave at the beach. This is now
one of my favorite beaches. I’m doing a video. Uluwatu beach: favorite beach on Bali.
And my friend is pregnant.>>Hello. Nice day for a cave.>>Another favorite beach in Uluwatu on Bali.
This is my favorite beaches video.


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