Best of Gili Islands – Top Things To Do In Gili Trawangan

today we are in gili trawangan and what
we’re going to do today is cycle around the island
so this island there’s no cars no scooters the only way to get around is
walk and place a bicycle or there’s horse and carts so the islands like
seven kilometers around so you can pretty much bicycle around in about half
an hour it’ll take an hour and a half to walk around the island so we’ve got our
bikes sighs got a nice pink bike and we’re ready to go explore the island so
let’s go do you know how to ride a bike don’t line have it a little taken so these are like the taxis like
and he was sleeping so good alright so we found a nice little bridge
to ride down how you like the riding none turn through these place so I think this actually goes into one
Villas but we’ll just ride down and up okay so we just stopped at this place
called Paradise sunset bar and look at this place it’s like you’re sitting in a
high chair like you’re a baby okay it’s weird yeah but this is a nice place to
come and check out the sunset they got like free beanbags you can sit on all
those swings it’s pretty windy but um
as you can see to be a really nice place to come and check out the sunset what
are you doing and that’s better enough to add as well the best place to be
standing all right so we’re bad of a quarter away around the island so we’ll
we’ll keep going so wants to find somewhere for lunch
oh no you must be dying so this party islands really quiet in our Captain Jack
bar you can come and use the gym check this out a vlog
they just started the gym today and look how good is looking beautiful where you
from oh nice beautiful how’s the benchpress
heavy you can do it try this one okay try this you lie down and try it can you take it off I’ll spot you we got
a cameraman yeah all right let’s see what you got
ready force second very good it’s actually pretty decent wait do you
do it the bench press not yet okay girl it is you’re fixing it yeah
you’re such a good Samaritan such a good citizen look at this so you call these
nice shelves this one was tangled so Sai is fixing it okay so as you can see will walk out bit
windy you can come here sit on the beach the
tides out at the moment so it’s not looking so great I gotta swings you can take photo of
that’s a mine swing on the beach I think it’s better swing and a hammock then
when the water is in you can’t get nice for us you clean the whole beach oh the whole
lot how about just about that’s it yeah man
well welcome to another video with with me happy Ari
it’s the best guy that I have ever seen oh ho that’s it yes the plugger
alright this bar gets busy at night this bar gets busy at night oh not really not
really yes because the people just came here Iran
around 1 o’clock 1 o’clock till till like 7:00 yeah that’s it and after me
around 8 or 9 the people come to central again and tomorrow in the morning they
used to be central and again in one hour on 1 o clock or inductor noon they came
here to see the sunset so that way we clean this one because of the people
will like flying down scissors and you live on the island – how long have you
lived here for start on February or just this year is like new day every day you
know you met with new people beautiful and you get inspired for the people I
also have like planned to make my own blog ok you know if you don’t mind you
can like you can make it together we can acclaiming
when i back home I will climb some of the hill it’s got like
Ferguson Ferguson Hill oh yeah that’s an island yes yeah right when you around
anymore time d-did you hear it that’s involved you know that is in Lombok it’s
the whole longest we have night ii haggis one time in indonesian is in
Lombok in Istanbul and I thought to climb it
but I also need drawn you know to see if because I have I have planning to like
farming less than one hour yeah yeah now that’s what we do we saw we went to Nusa
Penida we walk all up and down the stairs we got tired so we just quite a
journey and I collect money to buy some some some camara like oh yeah working
and start small and then you build off that’s what I did yeah it took me about
three four years now it’s me now it’s growing here a nice growing weed like
one hundred and fifty eight thousand subscribers so every day working hard
you’ll get there thank you what is so doing that’s going put your shells in Nevada that have so many beautiful
shells all right so I’m not sure how far away we’re probably about halfway around
the islands you’ll keep going thank you thank you so much it’s a very nice here
we left our bike here and it fell down on this side a nice gentleman put it
back for us thanks a lot Australia yeah married in her dreams
she’s married so we got like 3/4 of the way around the
island and say so hungry there’s no restaurants on this side babe you’re
going so fast I cannot keep up she’s peddling for her life you’re so
hungry you want to get to the restaurant the pasta so we have gone right around the island
it probably took us an hour with a few stops and we are back to the main beach
so I’d say this is probably the best beach
the water is super crystal-clear there’s a few rocks because the tides
out but when the tide comes in this will be amazing
you love the Shell Beach we screw up your feet when you walk on it so here’s
one of the most natural attractions on the island what is this tree called what kind of
tree is this one yes so a natural attraction see you later they say if you step in the middle it’s
bad luck okay hi guys something a guy you’re halfway there
what a name your channel the holistic tryna enjoy TV finally found a place to
eat yeah I have just soup what are you doing what are you doing you don’t want
to move she’s so happy all right so the food has arrived I
don’t know about you Thomas my slums is like be waiting for this for a while so
ei trying to eat very healthy on this trip just some grilled fish and they do
it in the like a symbolism epi so at night is when gili t really comes to
life so it’s gili t is known as like a potty
island so at night everyone’s out in the bars and the restaurants as you can see
like the main strip the boardwalk everyone is riding bicycles and enjoying
the night so we’ll take a walk down and show you a bit of what is happening
around here we’ve just locked up our bike we wrote
down so as you could see like earlier there’s
not that much to do on the island so one of the best things to do during the day
is just to they have like snorkeling tours and
diving tours and things like that surfing but you can you know just get a
bike and ride around the island like we did that was really awesome if you want
to go to the gym you can come here so one session is 7ek it’s about five US
dollars but if you want to get more you can get like a pack you’re staying here
for more than one week so it’s pretty cool gym it’s got everything for you
know good workout I’ve been eating to this place like
three day already so sighs favorite place is the night
market which is sort in the last video she wants to go back again I’m like
let’s go show them a different restaurant she’s like oh no going for
the same night market so back to the night market all happy here yeah it’s so good when you mix them
together you just mix all the three sources together that this one nor you
have only have two I really want a
you got to try the corn salad that’s really good I’m never trying to sponsor we got a water doing a healthy and this
one when I saw it runs like I wanna I wanna a small fish in Holland is one for
Captain I gotta eat otherwise I gonna finish
everything so that wraps up our day in gili t and we had a pretty chill day
just riding them an island followed by a walk along the boardwalk at night so no
much going on but we’re feeling pretty relaxed so we’re gonna ride home now got
our bicycles we’re all pretty much bicycle out we’re going to wrap up
tonight’s video until next time dream bigger might sooner please the bikes are
super overrated on these backwards

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