Bicycle Touring Åland Islands Day 4 – The Finnish Archipelago Trail

Morning! We’re off to a really great start. The weather is superb this day. It’s much warmer than yesterday The plan today is to cycle toward the town of Åbo or Turku in English We have about 70 kilometers left until we reach Turku Now we’re just gonna pack up the tent and eat some seaside breakfast by our tent Leaving the campground now Fantastically nice campground. Although it costs almost twice as much as the campground over on Åland We had to fork out 20 euros for this night here Now we have to pedal around three kilometers back up to the main road. And then we’re off towards Turku Unfortunately the Archipelago Trail follows the main road the first 30 kilometers The good thing about that is that we’re really making up some distance And the bad thing is that the shoulder is almost non-existent But the cars keep a pretty ok distance Time for the ice cream stop of the day Sometimes gravel roads can be wonderful. This one not so much! I thought they said Finland was flat. Ugh! We’re approaching a tunnel here in Nådelnal, but unfortunately a cyclists have to go around So we’re in for quite a climb here We’ve reached the town of Nådendal (Naantali) Trying to find a supermarket first here and then go and look out the campground So Supermarket, I think I found it over here More bike tourists making their supermarket stop While we were hoping to make it to Turku today, we had to cut the a bit short We’re staying in this town called Nådendal instead Malin’s back is really killing her She said she couldn’t go on for another kilometer even They have a campground over here. So we’re gonna go and look that out I guess we have around 15 kilometers or so left until we reach Turku So that will happen in the morning And we have some other change of plans as well Earlier today we looked at the weather forecast for tomorrow, and we’ve kind of been seeing this coming on It says it’s gonna rain about 25 to 30 millimeters tomorrow, the whole day We were planning on cycling the small islands just south of Turku But we are going to take the ferry from Turku back to Åland instead Tomorrow is a bit shorter We’re gonna cycle for I think 16 kilometers in the pouring rain and then take the ferry Then we see if we cycle some more when we hit Åland The nice weather we had this morning Got changed into this instead We just barely made it here to the campground before the skies opened If you like this type of content, please subscribe to the channel and until next time have a good one!


  • Brenda Bentham

    I have been to Helsinki Finland and Provoo

  • Brenda Bentham

    In the winter though. I think I will be back in the winter again. The snow is so beautiful there

  • Brenda Bentham

    I am glad you got that tent up before the rain came

  • duett 445

    Hello Again, Another nice video thank you. You are blessed to have a wife that is as strong cyclist as you are and who enjoy going with you on these camping trips..

  • Дмитрий Ершов

    Naantali!! We've been there! In Moomin-land 🙂

  • Drew Lucero

    Awesome 📸🤙🤙🤙🤙📸🙏⛺️🚴‍♂️

  • ed laws

    Hej, that ice cream was almost in you face 😂. You always eat so well on tour, your food always looks delicious.
    What language did you speak in Finland?
    I watched the film 'Midsommar' the other day, it's not the bears you need to worry about.
    Take care Ed.

  • Border Rambler

    Enjoying your bike tour , but I did laugh when you nearly wore that ice cream mind lol . Hope Malian's back isn't too bad atb Dave.

  • Brent Irvine

    Bike tech nerd here! What bike and panniers does your wife use? With respect to her back, we both have ibuprofen ready for exactly that, and, maybe have her do a bike fit if back pain continues to nag her. We both changed bars and saddles which solved our pain woes. 🙂

  • Libolt Adventures

    Looks like a fun little trip you bloody monster. Thanks for sharing.

  • Joel Albinowski

    Nice video Michael! Hope Marlin feels better soon, ride safe!

  • Pathfinder.Gregg

    More lush scenery. I guess all that snow is good for something. I think it is cool that Malin joined you for this tour. Malin, I have back issues and know how painful that can be. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that you join Mikel on future tours. Also, curious about the tent you are using.

  • Jason2Wheels

    Loving the ride and nice weather. Lol, im a "bloody monster" myself when it comes to climbs 👍😆

  • Ken Motley

    Another great one Mikael! We have something in common…we both have a weakness for ice cream. It's my number one weakness! Anyway, keep them coming and they are getting better and better. Stunning views too! Take care friend, Ken.

  • Sylvia Pringle

    I was looking at those clouds thinking “they look like rain”, love hearing the rain on the tent 👍

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