Blue House says Kim-Xi dialogue represents progress in denuclearization of Peninsula

China will play a constructive role in denuclearizing
the regime. That’s coming from Seoul’s top office as it
evaluates the third Pyongyang-Beijing summit. Hwang Ho-jun has the latest from Cheongwadae. In his regular press briefing Wednesday morning,
the Blue House spokesperson said the latest North Korea-China summit is believed to have
moved the denuclearization process a step further. He also said South Korea’s top office hopes
Beijing will continue to help North Korea achieve a stable and complete denuclearization. The words “stable” and “complete,”… according
to Kim Eui-kyeom,… mean China’s presence would act as a safety valve in the many negotiations
to come during the denuclearization process. Those comments from the Blue House… were
made after news broke that in their summit… North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Chinese
President Xi Jinping have agreed to cooperate on denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula…
and that China has promise to play to a continued, constructive role in the future. This was Kim and Xi’s third meeting in three
months. It came just a week after Kim Jong-un had
his historic first face-to-face meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump in Singapore on
June 12th. The Blue House confirmed that President Moon
had had no direct communication or phone conversation with his Chinese counterpart, but emphasized
that diplomats from Seoul and Beijing are in constant, active communication. Considering Beijing’s involvement of the 1950
Korean War and that it was one of the signatories of the armistice agreement,… the Blue House
is acknowledging China as a close stakeholder on matters regarding the two Koreas establish
peace and said it will continue to closely monitor any developments in Pyongyang-Beijing
relations. Hwang Hojun, Arirang News.

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