Boom Beach: Creating & Joining a Task Force

Have you ever wanted to team up with your fellow commanders? Well with this update, we’ll be introducing: Task Forces! A specially suited crew, with the sole mission of destroying the Blackguards new, devious and highly pollutant power bases. Are your headquarters at level 6? Excellent! Then we can start by creating a Task Force of our own. On the left hand side of your screen, you’ll
notice a new tab with a star in the middle. This is your “Task Force Command”. Enter the “create” tab,and decide on a cool name. Remember, you won’t be able to change it later! Then, add a description, and edit your Team’s Badge to your liking. That looks intimidating! Good. Then, choose your invite status. Would you like anyone to join? That means any player can join if they would like to. Maybe have them join by request? With this setting, players must request to join your Task Force; only Leaders and Officers can
approve or decline requests. Keeping your Task Force closed means no one can find, or request to join it. So you should only choose this setting once you feel your Task Force has enough members. Please note, Task Forces come in four different sizes: 5 to begin with, and upgrading the task force can allow 10, 25 and 50 members. After you’re happy with your set up, hit
the create tab and you’ll be on your way. Please note, you can only create a task force once per week. If you’d like to join a pre-existing Task
Force, simply enter your Task Force Command, and choose the “find” tab. You’ll be given some recommended Task Forces with players of similar skill, or you can search for a specific one. All task forces have a unique tag, making
them easy to find. The tag is located in the Task Force Command info summary. Simply type the unique tag into the search function; this will yield the exact Task force you are looking for. I’ll search for my friends Task Force now,
then request to join. Like any well-equipped military organization, Task Forces need ranks! You will find a leader, officers and members. Leaders have the right to start operations, promote and demote officers and members, as well as accepting, rejecting and kicking out others. Officers are also able to start operations and accept or reject requests to join. Members however, just follow orders! Requests are displayed in the chat log, and
remember, only leaders and officers can accept or decline requests to join. The task force command has a Global Leaderboard. Here, you’ll find top ranking task forces from all around the world! Check out who is dominating with Force points according to the size of the Task Force. Successfully complete enough operations, and maybe you’ll find your team at the top! The Task Force is an excellent way to keep
in touch with your fellow commander friends. Not to mention, it will help take your bragging rights to the next level. We hope you like it, Commander. Resume the Boom!

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