Boom Beach: Warships Developer Update #2

Hi everyone! Welcome to another
Warship’s developer update video. I’m here with my colleagues
Valtter and Ayushman. We’ll go a bit more in-depth
on the Warships feature. What exactly can players expect
from this second base? The Warship is going to be exclusively focused
on attacking and defending. So there won’t be
any resource generation buildings. It’s more about the core of Boom Beach, which is attacking and defending
and getting to the fun parts. You just go fight and once
you get enough resources from fighting, you go back and you build your base,
you upgrade stuff, and you go out and fight again. And we want to keep
the whole experience all about the base building and the fighting, because in the main island,
there’s this layer of resource collection and timers and things like that. So here it’s just about fighting. So why didn’t we go for another island? Why are we going for a Warship? The first reason is, it’s really cool. It’s nice.
It’s a big mechanical island of sorts. It fits well
with the whole theme of the game. That makes sense. Why would there be
another island for this Warship that guards your archipelago? That’s what the game needs. A lot of people asked why it’s not just
a Task force VS Task force feature? Can you give background as to why
the decision to go with Warships was? A feature that has always been
in discussion in the Boom Beach team was Task force VS Task force,
and in the community as well. What we realized is
that the current Island is not as exciting a space
to explore meaningful PvP and maybe team versus team PvP. Everyone by now has the same Island and you’ve got the same troops
and depending on your HQ level the number of weapons you have
on the island are pretty much the same. It doesn’t create for much of a strategy
in a real PvP scenario. So we thought the best way
to go about doing this was to create like a second base, which would be like the center
for PvP in Boom Beach. So in a sense Warships is going to be
this really good foundation for us to build upon. The first version
that comes out early next year is going to be this foundation version which is going to be a lot of fun and eventually bring it to a level where we can have Task forces
versus Task forces. Where you have many Warships fighting
many Warships and really cool things like that. It just opens up
a whole new world for us. Thanks a lot for chatting guys and going through
the more detailed specifics of Warships. I hope you guys out there enjoyed it and remember to subscribe for
more Warships developer update videos. See you next time! – Bye bye.
– Bye bye.

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