Bora Bora Island Honeymoon Trip – 2019

white sand beaches lush greenery soaring
volcanic Peaks and further activities through the coral reefs Bora Bora is
quiet beaches and lavish resorts are everything a couple would need on their
ideal honeymoon from choosing whether to stay in a water villa or in a luxury
hotel room to deciding on activities planning your honeymoon can make all the
difference on how it turns out to be let’s see what’s waiting for you in Bora
Bora the first destination you can visit on your honeymoon in Bora Bora is white
ape the main town and the wharf of the island white ape is a popular tourist
attraction of Bora Bora next you can make your right move towards Mount
Ottoman it is one of the two extinct volcanoes at the center of the island be
it a dramatic photo or an adventure mount or a man who has a lot to offer
you can hike to the top or go for a 4×4 tour boat tours or even a helicopter
tour around the volcano if you are done exploring the volcanoes and hills it’s
time to go underwater matira beach is the only Beach in Bora Bora that’s
accessible to the public the white sand stretches and the crystal-clear water
adds to the beauty of this Bora Bora tourist attraction however it is the
most famously known for the excellent experiences of snorkeling in Bora Bora
and to make your Bora Bora honeymoon experience better than ever go for a
luxurious resort with a spa and Hilton lets you live that luxurious life on
this island the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort offers a
unique and private location on the back of the volcano island moto2 POIs the
white sand beaches surrounded by black basalt rocks and lush vegetation offers
a great experience to the honeymooners the amazing lagoon and ocean views from
the hilltop Hina spa and the glass floor viewing panels in the overwater villas
make this resort an amazing place to stay the resort also offers the best
snorkeling in Bora Bora flying to Bora Bora is a wonderful experience you get
to see the beautiful islands and their sparkling blue lagoons from the skies
above and if you are wondering how to reach Bora Bora from India first you
must fly into the French Polynesia spas International Airport at poppy T on the
main island of Tahiti back to your fancy clothes to have that luxurious honeymoon
with travel triangle to Bora Bora Islands go visit
right away

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