Borneo Jungle Diaries (Season 2) | Official Trailer [4K] | SZtv

Exploring Borneo’s Kinabatangan River Join actress and student Alex Alexander It’s gonna be exciting. Should I be worried? Together with a team of dedicated scientists If you wanna go to DGFC. As they investigate the mysteries of the jungle. We’re capturing a tarsier to understand more about them. Ah, they got one – let’s go. Yes! Yes! Hold it, hold it, hold it! Wait, wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait! Be careful, careful, careful. They’ve given the cat anesthesia and now they’re going to do measurements and to safely collar it. We just saw the elephant and it’s now heading its way back to the jungle. Alex, Alex, Alex. He’s back in the jungle now, do we go in after him? We are going to haul a 100kg box into that tree. Up, up! These animals, they’re so endangered. If it wasn’t because of this project, if it wasn’t because of this trip I would not know the things that I know now. I am not messing around.

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