Borneo Marathon BIM 2019下集 凌晨3点开跑:我人生中最煎熬的一个项目。原来考验你的意志力,就是这么一回事… …Officially a Marathoner!

It’s 1:48 a.m. now I’m at Likas Complex and this is the Starting point Fereign runners also joined One more time This is Likas Stadium Which is also BIM finishing line (for all categories) All runners can drop their bags here look at all the portable toilets they’ve prepared Checking out the crowd Pacers are taking places Flags OFF and off we go, have a safe race We’ve reached 1 Borneo UMS here We’ve reached 30KM!! Getting some natural sodium Cut off time 9:15 a.m. (reached here 8:00 a.m.) Alif Laosi indulging Power gel 4 more KM!! Let’s get wet (Fire Engine’s hose is nearby) finally 2KM!! 1KM!! Well done Good Job!! We’ve reached the GOAL! Greatest achievement ever! so happy walking towards the counter just realised the whole line is waiting for medal as well Runner from Tawau Philip Laosi Congrats to you too (21KM finisher) Fast oh We’ve misunderstood turns out we can get the medal straight away the queue belongs to another catergories Hi Ok what should I do? I want to take the orange band do you mind? hi I can guarantee you guys are going on YouTube Alrite!! I need to tick these 3 ok go ahead help yourself Congratulations (Thank You) Our results And finally we finished Borneo Marathon The Video In the End would like to give my thanks and gratitude to my coach (Strong Strong) Cikgu Alif(Very Strong Laosi) Thank you for waiting for me all the path (finally finally) if you like my vid please Subscribe, like, share and comment see you next Vid


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