Borneo’s gentle GIANTS | WILD Elephants | Travel Vlog, tips and tricks | S02-E03

The cameras flashing red so we haven’t got
long but it was amazing it was yeah it was incredible Welcome back, so today we were up nice and early about half 6 for a river cruise We just got back in time it was raining
when we were on the cruise and now its got a lot worse we saw a few birds and a
few monkeys as well unfortunately we didn’t see any orangutans or elephant This afternoon we actually have some spare time basically do what we want but as you can see
it’s raining pretty heavy at the moment we’re going to see if the rain dies of and maybe go for a walk I really don’t feel like I’m in the
middle of a rainforest jungle jacuzzi We only really really made it to the pool
we didn’t get a chance to film yesterday about the orangutan center so we thought
we’d do that now and sort of fill everyone in if you haven’t seen that
check out the previous video it’s all about the orangutan center and the great
work they do so now we’re just gonna go and have a look around We found some hammocks and chilled for a bit we’re
now going to head back to the room and grab our bits or our last River fingers crossed we see elephants and orangutans this time We just got back. The cameras flashing red so we don’t have long but it was amazing it was yeah it was incredible GO BORNEO!

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