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It all begins with a raindrop. These waterways are the lifeblood of the jungle. Flowing through the wilds of Borneo.. a river that supports biodiversity like no other. It is the mighty Kinabatangan. Home to countless species including 44
endemic mammals and 37 endemic birds. My name is Bertie. I’m an environmental
photojournalist that has made Borneo my home. Over the last few years, I’ve become involved in the fight to protect its wildlife And now I’m joining up with a passionate team of researchers working to unravel
the mysteries of the jungle. And this is their home. The Danau Girang Field Centre. With scientists from all over the world. Supported by local research assistants,
these guys know the jungle. Oh, the lab! Looks like Dr. Sergio is busy. Hey Elisa!
How’s the Pangolin? Still tagging tomorrow? Lovely. At a place like this,
there are always scientific discoveries to be made. Hey Megan! Everything running smoothly? Like clockwork as always. And this, this is the study room. Alright fellas. Hope you catch it. But let’s not forget the main reason why everyone is here. Because of this! The Bornean jungle! In the heart of the jungle on the banks of
the Kinabatangan river, lies the Danau Garang Field Centre. Established back in 2008,
this hub of scientific research has become integrals conservation efforts
here in Borneo. But this place wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for one man’s vision. My name is Benoit Goossens, and I’m from Belgium. My role at GGC is the director, and also the founder. Danau Girang Field Centre has became a beacon for conservation. Every time I come here and
I see the buzz and the activities in the center and all the students from all
over the world, I think this place is going to make a difference for wildlife
conservation in Sabah, and ten years ago it was not there. That makes me really happy. I’m convinced that we cannot work on a species without caring for it and you
cannot do research just asking questions about the behavior, if you are not
interested in the conservation. We use our research to raise
awareness, talk about those species and if there are any issues, we try to tackle them. And now Ben and I are off to an early
morning boat safari to see what the Kinabatangan has to offer. How does it feels like to be back? It feels good. I love this place. Kinabatangan is my third love after my wife and my son. I started here back in 1999,
so 17, 18 years now and I still love it. I still love to coming back.
it is definitely the place in Borneo to see the wildlife.
Proboscis monkeys, Orangutans.. sun bears, 8 species of hornbills.
It’s extremely rich in wildlife. Are there any animals in particular, you look forward to see? My favorite species is the elephants. I was hoping that maybe we
would see some individuals on the riverbank. But it’s already hot, hopefully if
we come back this afternoon, they might be back on the river, so yeah.
We can try coming back in late afternoon. Dr. Benoit has travelled the world
studying many animals. But it was the Bornean elephant that made him choose the Kinabatangan as his home. Second attempt Ben. -Yes, hopefully, I think that they are getting close to the river They were near the Oxbow lake a couple
of hours ago so I think they are going towards the
river.. so hopefully it’s gonna be nice, it’s gonna be cool. Hey, Bertie, look. There, there. Where? Just… you see the grass moving? Oh yes, there they are! Look, I think there’s even more over there! They’re such beautiful animals How do you feel with the scene in front
of you that.. That’s the best scene ever for me. Seeing the elephants like that in their
environment, eating and peacefully in such a social landscape, is just amazing.
That drives me you know to really do everything to protect this place. It’s their place. They were here..uh, listen to that.
That is just amazing. I think I agree with you. Ah yeah, definitely.
I think they know we are fighting for them. Amazing.. or badness as in
unbelievable scene and I can’t wait to spend a little bit more time with your
team at the DGFC to learn more about the animals and hopefully have many more
scenes like this. Yes, you will and I wish you a good luck but I’m sure you’re
going to see a lot along this river, it’s just amazing. What a beautiful place. The Kinabatangan truly is a place unlike any other. Over the coming weeks I’ll be
learning more about this unique destination. I’ve read it somewhere
before but I haven’t seen it with my own eyes. And joining those working day and
night to safeguard its most charismatic animals, I feel it’s..logical. – Scientists.. Come and join me on this wild adventure. you

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