oh yeah what is going on Sharers welcome
to the vlog welcome to another awesome summer day that’s right we finally made
it to the beach well kind of it’s just over that hill there but uh Grace and I
are actually gonna do something pretty crazy
oh yeah grace what are we up to whoa duct tape and a lantern does it work oh yeah Sharers we’re ready for the
overnight challenge on the beach grace plum we gotta get to the beach let’s go
grab the boxes you grab the duct tape let’s go Liz what looks like the beach
is just over this hill Sharer last one in the water loses come on
grace wait it’s the water gonna be warmer it’s gonna be cold I have no idea
but we’re about to find out let’s go let’s go let’s go come on grace pick it
up here we go oh not bad perfect it’s perfect
oh yeah this is gonna be the perfect setup oh there’s a seagull
hi mr. seagull you ready see us build our box fort it
grace now we just got to scout out a perfect location for the box board
yeah I think we’re right here yeah right here looks like a perfect spot for it
build it right here you get an oceanfront view and we got a lot of sand
to work with this looks like a good spot yeah and a lot of shelves to look at
step one we’ll get the boxes put them right there great step two we gotta get
the duct tape duct tape coming up got the duct tape step three
time to get building oh yeah check it out our beach boxfort
it’s looking pretty good grace yeah this is wool so it’s got like a nice sized
space on the inside and of course we hook up the back you can see the ocean
oh we were a little limited on supply so all we have with scissors we didn’t
really have a knife to cut this but it looks pretty good the doors like looks
like it’s all fringe like the beach it’s like the ocean it’s like a take a Surf
Shack it looks totally cool oh my gosh it’s like a beach ooh
box fort Surf Shack oh that’s so grace we got a UH now figure some supplies
like where are we gonna stay we got to get cozy we got to get ready to stay
overnight in this thing yeah to the water let’s move it down to the beach
shack oh yeah let’s we can let’s move it you grab that side I’ll grab this side
we got to carefully move this thing sure is this is a beach shack so it might not
be very stable okay it looks pretty good I mean we got a lot of duct tape holding
it on it’s just it’s really just meant to give you a little protection at the
beach there’s not much weather here so as long as it’s not like high winds and
stuff you should be good you know fishing right here there we go that’s
better look at that now we’re really close to the water you
can hop out the front door and then walk into the beach go for a swim have some
fun and then you can chill in there let’s applies it oh yeah we can’t forget
we got our lantern this works for a night time grace where’s all the snacks
and stuff what snacks the snacks that you were
snacking on yesterday in the car oh that was for tonight
yeah grace that was for tonight I okay no worries we’ll figure something out
maybe there’s like a ice cream shack on the beach or something maybe we can
catch some fish in the ocean yeah grace I think we’re gonna have to
do that it looks like the lifeguards have gone in for the day so the beach is
actually closed right now oh wait I know go on those rocks and catch some clams
Oh perfect yeah we’ll go try to catch some clams real quick oh speaking of
clams Sharers check this out if you dig into the sand look at all the stuff you
can find no clam shows look at that this is so cool look at all evolved oh
there’s so many isn’t that so cool yeah but sharers those ones they’re a little
bit too small to snack on grace you gotta head to the rock to get bigger
clam so you can eat oh yeah we need to get big clams cuz won’t be here
overnight and I’m gonna be snacking all night long what’d you find
Oh grace oh no we’re not gonna eat that mermaid vegetable oh you know what’s so
cool about these chairs don’t they popping they’re supposed to pop hmm
maybe not I don’t know what these things are grace I don’t know what that is oh
no I think mermaids eat it okay I don’t think mermaids eat backwards I’m not
sure if there are such thing as mermaids yeah
sheriff’s have you ever seen a mermaid comment below if you ever stood up for
me I don’t think that’s such a thing mermaids are real well if they’re real
we’re at the ocean so maybe we’ll see one Oh sharers I found even more of a
gold mine check this out look at all the air bubbles in this sand ready
guess what we’re gonna find oh my goodness look how many clams there are
grace whoa look at all those whoa this is so many there’s just millions of
these little clams whoa are they clams are the oysters what are they I have no
idea there’s so many oh look at that you can hear them like cracking back
into the sand look at all them there’s so many whoa
I wish we could eat these we can’t eat these but we gotta hurry the Sun is
setting Rock let’s go let’s go let’s go come on babe oh it’s a crossover this
weird this kind of oh I’m gonna jump in ready jump in the pipe in 3 2 1 go here
catch okay ready jump the pipe three two one
go don’t hit it so good that pipe is all
slimy yes good news is though we made it to the rocks now grace we just got a
search arthur gnarly clams on the rocks I thought so we just got like dig deep I don’t see plans all I see is more and
more and more and more and more of these little things there’s so many here those
can’t be the biggest clams that this Beach has well there’s so many okay so
we got to find bigger ones sharers I don’t see any food on these rocks
I see like a shell slammed in there oh there’s flies all over there yeah grace
I’m not seeing anything back in care there’s so many but we need a single one
of those are too small no they live in the ocean you got to put them back we
can make a good environment for them okay she’s got to put him back in the
ocean we gotta find real food for tonight
and sharers I’m really not seeing any food here there’s literally nothing in
these rocks normally there’s like clams that live in rocks I don’t see any food
yeah grace I don’t think this has any food on it I think we’re gonna have to
go back to the box for it and figure something else out grace we got to look
in the box where maybe we left food in the box fort something come on let’s go
back we’re gonna go the box for I know me too
let’s go check the box but I’m really hoping that there’s food in the box fort
it hopefully didn’t get washed away oh let’s go back to the boxfort it Oh check
this out a kind of sand dollar or half of one maybe we could buy something with
it yeah hopefully there’s like a store open whoa okay
I’m gonna check the box room for food Oh publisher’s I haven’t even given you a
tour the beach box but check this out here we go so here we’ll open it up you
come inside here yeah it’s really nice you get a nice ocean breeze literally
it’s like free air-conditioning if you come up here then I’m just gonna sit in
this corner tonight hey grace come on in yeah it’s so awesome in here oh yeah
this is so awesome it looks so good I don’t even have a sunset view look at
that if we wanted to we can open the door get even more of a sunset view look
how awesome this is grace yeah we’re a beach shack we can sell like snacks and
ice cream and stuff yeah except the one problem is we don’t have any snacks
the good news is that we are prepared for night just turn this Lantern along
oh you have late so at night we can go exploring a little bit if we need to ohm
should we do a 3m challenge yeah let’s do what happens at the beach at 3 a.m. I
have no idea I don’t know if anyone’s ever tried monsters all sorts of
monsters come at night crabs I don’t know if that’s a good idea but there
could be a lot of stuff that comes out at 3:00 a.m. yeah sharers smash the like
button this video gets over 25,000 likes we’ll do a 3 a.m. challenge on the beach but for now we got to go find something
food great I think what I’m gonna do that I’m gonna go explore in the ocean
for some food ok I’ll stay here and make it nice and pretty
ok Grayson’s gonna stay here oh you know decorate the outside like let people
know whose box where this is oh good idea yeah this is our own Islands we got
to establish whose box fort it this is yeah make it the most epic beach shock
ever I’m gonna make a cool patio this will be our driveway ok now make a
garden like a flower garden flower petals yeah this is a flower here
are the petals here’s the stem oh that looks awesome
it’s so good we got our walkway we’ve got our flower garden grace now we just
need a share the love logo Oh perfect idea one share the love logo coming
right up oh yeah share the love right oh yeah that looks so good okay so we’ve
got the decorations going Grace’s got the night Lantern – grace turn that on
because I’m gonna go in the ocean and in case I get back late I’ll be able to
find it they’ll be like our lighthouse yeah good idea
Steve doing those don’t be bright enough oh yeah that’s gonna look good sharers
I’m gonna go into the sea I’m gonna catch something because we got to eat
sometime so hungry hopefully I find something good Sunday stay here Bo keep
an eye out for you I got the lantern hey Steve good luck all right let me see
what I can find a few moments later see did you catch anything great I
didn’t get anything nothing you couldn’t find any fish or
anything like that sharers honey we’re out of luck grace we have no food we
just have light and shelter grace I don’t know if you have any ideas what
I’m gonna do hmm we could get some snacks or something I don’t know well well what’s that thing
no way maybe that’s the maybe that’s the fish that we need there’s some type of –
oh we need that fish sheriff’s comment if you still see it what is that thing or what that was but we need to find it
I don’t see that could have been something we needed grace Oh No keep
your eyes peeled I don’t see anything but keep your eyes peeled really big and
colorful I don’t know Sherry’s calm Oh No so I don’t know Sharers coming if you
know what that thing was I don’t even see it anymore
oh where did it go okay shows we’re gonna keep a lookout for this come what
you think it is don’t know what that was but uh what I do know is we get to spend
the night in the box purchase yeah in our Shack in our Beach foxsports Shack
so show us even a awesome idea if we shall wake up at 3 a.m. and see what’s
going on at the beach smash that like button this video gets over 25,000
lights will wake up at 3 a.m. and check it out yeah who knows what we’ll find
that 3 a.m. on the beach but for now we got a pretty nice beach box fort setup
oh yeah we’re gonna spend the night overnight in this thing so we’ll see you
tomorrow morning so until then you know what to do
stay awesome and share the love peace!

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