Calles de Huntington Beach, California

Activate subtitles for your language Again here Raúl This video is for those who always ask. Where are the gringas? Join me to walk to the beach. We will go to the beautiful beach of Huntington Beach. Here I come with my friends. I always ask them to let me walk in front, to go recording. They already know that I like to record this type
of videos. Let’s go to the beach, while I take a video
from the streets of Huntington Beach. And if we go to the beach, why do you get a
Video of the streets? This is because many people want to see different and new places for them. Today I am going to take a video of one of the most beautiful places near Los Angeles. The beautiful city of Huntington Beach. We are on the way to the beach. Here in the main street there are many businesses. Here there are many bars and restaurants. In the night there is a very funny atmosphere. We are only going to stay until the
late. Today there is a very fun event on the beach. If you accompany me to the end in the videos. Today it’s very hot. Back there comes my girlfriend, and my friends. My girlfriend comes with her friends. We will go to a very fun event on the beach. This event is called Vans US Open Surf. It is an international surf competition. That competition is carried out all the
years here on the beaches of Huntington Beach. When we get to the beach, I’ll tell you more
about this competition. For now, look at the streets here. Look around. This place is south of Los Angeles. It is to the south, until you reach the beaches. It is very hot. This is a very familiar place. This is one of the most beautiful places that is close to Los Angeles. Let’s see if we reach the traffic light. Many people always ask me. Where are the American girls? On the beaches here, there are many. They are beautiful beaches. I could barely cross the street. The light turned red and I could barely cross the
Street. My girlfriend and my friends stayed behind. Do you want to see the beaches of Huntington Beach? I’m going to wait for my friends. I’ll give you a tour of the beach, in the
other videos Join me to walk on the beach in
the other videos. Thanks for watching the video First person videos around Los
Angels Exploring Los Angeles, with subtitles in
Many languages.

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