Casa de lujo en primera línea | isla Menorca

The coast of Ciutadella on the west of the island of Menorca is one of the enclaves perfect to build a front-line designer house this luxury house of 500m² built area with six bedrooms blends harmoniously on an exclusive plot of 1,000m² it’s a spectacular house highlighted by its successful architectural design mainly inspired by the typical division of Menorcan plots as you see it is a house on two levels orientated perfectly towards the sea and enjoying incredible views here we have the island of Mallorca and which we can see perfectly the outline of its mountains this is the swimming pool it’s a magnificent infinity pool and here they have achieved a rich mix of architectural features which blend perfectly to create different ambiences in this privileged front-line plot as you see, there are wooden sliding shutters trellises, wooden flooring stone, lawns it’s a very well accomplished combination as you see from the centre of this large terrace We have an idyllic spectacular sea view we can watch and enjoy the small sailing boats as always with camera in hand I’ll show you the most I can the house not only has an impressive facade the whole thing is very well designed look at this side with these raised areas the natural light in the house is magnificent there is lots of natural light and they have made the most of the space it’s a great design at the back of the house we have a rustic area which cannot be built on and so which guarantees a lot of privacy and with these magnificent images from this spectacular location I’ll say goodbye to you but first I’ll leave you with our contact details the telephone number is +34 971 35 15 30 and our e-mail address [email protected] as always I’ll wish you a fond farewell and I hope to see you soon in the next video


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