Chef Twins in Bangkok – MIDNIGHT CRISPY PORK LEG + German Food at Michelin Star Restaurant Sühring!

– Hey everyone, I hope you’re having an amazing day or night, It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in Bangkok, Thailand and I have a very special dinner tonight. I’m eating at Suhring,
which is one of the best fine dining restaurants in Bangkok. It’s a Michelin star restaurant, they are at the top of the list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and they serve contemporary, modern German food. And so it has a very interesting story, it’s a restaurant that
I’ve really been looking forward to eating at and so I’m very happy to try it, I’m also gonna
be eating with Ying, thanks for holding the light, by the way. I’m excited for dinner tonight. (light music) You walk into the
entrance of the restaurant and it’s a house, it’s
a compound, but it’s a beautiful compound, the tropical gardens. We’re gonna step inside. (speaking foreign language) – Mister Mark! How are you tonight? – [Mark] Thank you, very
good, thank you very much. – [Hostess] Welcome to Suhring. – Hey Mark, nice to meet you, how are you? Let me show you to the table. – Thank you. We’re gonna be sitting in
the kitchen area, right? – Yes. – Awesome! Okay, to the kitchen room. (speaking foreign language) – Yeah. – [Mark] Hi! – Oh hey, how are you doing? – [Mark] Very good, thank you very much. Thank you. – I look the same, but not him. – [Mark] Nice to meet you! – How are you doing? Good. Nice to have you tonight. (laughing) – Yeah different, okay. – [Mark] Yes. (laughing) (mumbling) They are twins. I mean, not only are they brothers that are passionate about food,
but they’re actually twins. So that’s amazing, they are
both extremely friendly. And they opened Suhring
to really feature some of their home flavors, German flavors. Modern, contemporary German
restaurant using lots of local and seasonal ingredients. Ah, oh yeah. Really, really crisp. So we’re gonna be having the 12 course, well, maybe even more
than that, tasting menu. Plus some extra dishes,
special dishes from the twins. First chapter is just the one-biters. – [Waiter] We will start the
experience with Storhappen. – [Mark] Whoa. – We are using the sturgeon,
coming from the canal in the north of Thailand. It’s smoked with apple wood and served together with our own
(speaks foreign language), which is the German for bread. – [Mark] Just that tiny,
just the micro detail, that tiny, tiny little
herb or green on top. Wow. Mmm. It’s so smokey. It just like, it’s like smokey and creamy and has a little tiny almost horseradish kind of taste to it and then that caviar
is just so silky smooth and just so perfectly briny. – All right, yeah? – Awesome – So, we are originally from Berlin. – [Mark] Okay, the next
bite is the Berliner This is the next one-biter. It’s a little like a savory donut. The mushroominess of that. And so delicate with the umami mushroom, with that truffle on the inside, kinda creamy on the inside. – Now we’re serving you a Huehnchen Salat as we call it, yeah. Which is actually a very
ordinary kind of chicken salad. The chicken leg is cooked first and after it is marinated we add
a bit of mushroom also. Then we have a little
bit of mayonnaise also. (mumbling) (light music) Then it’s ready to serve, it’s going right to your table now. – [Mark] Cool. – [Chef] Are you ready? – [Mark] I’m ready. – Perfect, let’s do this. – Thank you. And that one is going
straight to our table. – All right, so this is our
variation of a chicken salad. [Mark] The twins’ version
of a chicken salad. It’s like a little driplet. But that’s made, actually,
from romaine lettuce as well as the dressing, so
that’s the old combination. It’s like a little water balloon. Whoa. That is an explosion in your mouth! And all the components of
a chicken salad are there in your mouth, just in
different form and shape. Ying was too curious, she had to press it. (laughing) – Mmm. – Next course is salmon, cured salmon. And then it’s in a little egg basket there some salmon roe, and again, just the tiny, tiny pieces of dill. Oh man. Mmm. Mmm. That just purely melts in your mouth. I gotta taste it with that
cucumber water, I almost forgot. (light music) – So we are from Berlin, of course, of these street food,
actually, in Berlin, yeah. It’s a pork sausage
actually, which is served with ketchup and curry powder. Currywurst you have to drink with the beer and then you will fall in love, of course. It comes actually from
the time after the war when British soldiers came to Berlin and they bring the
curry powder from India, and then one lady mixed it up with ketchup and then the currywurst. We also give you a small beer and usually you get it with french fries so you’re having a little bit of potato, dried potato with a
little bit of curry powder and a little salt. – [Mark] We’re only getting
through chapter one right now, which is just the appetizers,
just the small bites. But part of the reason why Suhring is so, such an amazing restaurant is because it’s so much fun, you know? And you can tell that Thomas and Mathias are having so much fun with what they do. They’re so creative, and it’s just happy. Wow, yeah, that has an
amazing bouncy texture to it. Oh, that’s delicious. Mmm, the ketchup. – [Ying] One, two, three, chink! – Oh! That’s more like a lemon… That’s like a lemony freshness. Mmm. – But they say Entenleber in German. It’s a duck beaver,
little foie gras, which we marinate together with
riesling Spatlese, so that would be this one here. Riesling Spatlese, it’s a
off-dry kind of riesling. This one coming from the
Mosel, so not too sweet, just to cut right through the foie gras. On top, you have a
little bit of lemon gel. Underneath is the (speaks
foreign language), which is a kind of German sweet toast, and then in the glass you
will find the wine again. – Oh, almost forgot. Wow! That is just like one of the creamiest
things you could ever taste. It’s so creamy. You taste the foie gras,
but then it has this like citrusy component to it. – How’s everything so far? – [Mark] Very good. – Appetizer we’re having a frankfurter grune sobe, which is an
herb sauce originated from the original Frankfurt,
like the name says. It’s very traditionally
done with seven different kinds of herbs, and it’s
mixed with sour cream, a little bit of mustard, salt, and pepper. – [Mark] I don’t even know how they piled those up on there, that is construction. And then it’s the
frankfurter with some kind of a cream cheese and then the side is a piece of eel which is smoked in house. Oh, that is just, like,
purely kinda squishy. Mmm. The eel has kind of a jelly texture to it. Mmm. Mashed potato and eel,
just on a whole next level. – Next is called (speaks
foreign language), which in German means bread time. We also call it (speaks foreign language), which means dinner bread. Because. For the bread we are also using our own sourdough fermentation to bake the breads, and the fermentation is
over three years old. It’s actually only rice flour and water, so we let it ferment outside and then so it’s three years old we feed it every day with
some flour and some water and use it to bake the bread. – It almost has like a hint
of an onion taste to it. I cannot resist that
pork lard pate, though. Oh, the pate is underneath there. Okay, awesome. Oh, look at that. A nice thick, thick layer. Oh, that spread is insane! Oh, I love that black peppercorn in there. That pate, though. – This one you have what we call the (speaks foreign language),
it’s a very famous dish from the city of Leipzig that
was created in the 1800s. – There’s asparagus and crayfish
and then some morel powder. When it’s served, he sprinkled on some of the crayfish butter. What a gorgeous bouquet. I’ll just go in. There are lots of ingredients in this. Lots of different herbs. I love that. Oh, you can see kind of, is that a carrot? I want to get, I think
I’m gonna try to get a little bit of everything. Aww, there’s the crayfish. There’s little herbs,
there’s all sorts of things. Cut the crayfish in half, oh
you can see the beautiful, you can just see how creamy that is. Get some of the asparagus too, of course. The tip of the asparagus, the crayfish, and then some of those
herbs and the morel. Oh, that crayfish. So creamy and muscular. Lightly sweet, kind of
almost like a dressing, which is the crayfish butter. – Let me show you the main
course before the main course. (laughing) So you have the duck. It’s a Hungarian duck which
we age for seven days, then it’s roasted on the, the whole duck. – So aromatic, the entire heads of garlic. You can see the thyme,
which is like charred, it smells incredible, we’re
going to be eating this later. Next course is Seabream,
which is cooked German style. There’s lemon and there’s parsley, which is German preparation. Dollop of caviar on
top and then that sauce with some little squares
of potato in there. The juiciness of it. This one is impressive. I think it’s kind of
foamy from that sauce. It almost has like a mushroom taste to it. And then that fish is just so juicy. You’ve got that little bit of caviar to give it that punch of saltiness. – Doing now a German pasta. – [Mark] All right. – We call it Spatzle, which
comes from Salz for Germany, traditionally, and the Spatzle
dough or the pasta dough looks like that, so you see
it’s very sticky, actually. In order to do a pasta out of it, you put it on a cutting
board and then we scrape it into boiling water, so you
get the shape of the pasta. Frying some mushrooms. Champignon mushrooms, locally sourced. Put them in ice. So you cook them a little bit so it looks like that now, see? It’s all hand-shaped, so different shapes. Then we put cheese, so we
also have cheese from Germany, from Salz, which goes on like this. Little bit more sauce with it. (light music) It’s eaten with crispy onion,
so we will put it there and we have some truffle from Australia, which is the final touch. – Rushing back for the pasta and then just sprinkled it with
that beautiful truffle. That smells unbelievably good. Okay, and I will kind of
do the swirling method. Oh yeah, but the noodles are kind of short because they’re hand cut so
it’s kinda hard to swirl, you kinda gotta stab at the same time. Oh, man. Yeah. It’s so rich. And that sauce is so
fragrant with that truffle and that mushroominess. And then the noodles, they
have this wonderful gummy, yet firm texture. The freshness shines. So rich. So good. – You can choose your own knife. Here I have a collaboration
between Nesmuk and Suhring. Ready? Right then, so basically all the blades are made in Germany, so
they’re technically the same. But, the handles come
from different continents. – [Mark] I’ll go with this one. This looks like a perfect one right here. That’s a really nice touch. Being able to choose your own duck knife. – [Waiter] We have a
Blaufrankisch from Burgenland in Austria, so it Austria, the same region as for the arranged wine. – Of the main courses, this
is the Hungarian duck breast. So juicy and so beautiful,
it’s so pink in color, served with assorted broccoli,
there’s broccoli flower and then also a duck confit deep fried. Oh wow, and just look at that skin. Oh man. Oh, that knife. It’s just balanced to perfection. That knife just slides like butter. Dip in that sauce a little bit. So pink, it’s almost like ham. Completely infused with smoke. That’s a duck breast, but it’s so juicy, I mean it has the flavor of dark meat. (light music) You just wanna savor it. Broccoli flower. Deep fried little duck. Mmm. One more main course, oh. Awesome. We’ve already been
eating for like 3 hours. But they brought their signature, which is German roast pork knuckle. And this. That aroma. – You have to eat the whole one, right? – We’re gonna try, we’re gonna try. (laughing) Yes. (laughing) – Big one for Ying and small one for Mark. – [Mark] Oh, you can hear the crackling. So do you eat this every day? – [Chef] I do! (laughing) I do, actually! – This is a dream come true, a crispy fried pork leg at midnight! The haminess of it. What? Can you hear the, yeah,
you gotta kinda pick it up with your finger, right? Because it’s so crispy. It’s almost uncuttable with a knife. Yeah, let me just pick that up. Whoa. They’re just like two
completely different sections. The meat is tender, and
actually parts of the meat are not that fatty. But just embedded with
smoke and just tender. And then you’ve got that
ridiculously crunchy, creamy, almost gummy, like
sticky from fattiness, skin. Ooh. – [Ying] Very good. – [Mark] The dessert expert. – It’s very good. – [Mark] Okay, take a bite. – It’s a mix of berries and then, yeah, it’s beautiful, it just looks so, it looks like a patch of berries. It’s so berry-fresh and
just the creaminess. – This is the last dessert, basically, so you’re having a peach
in different textures, which we serve on top with a little bit of cheese as a mousse. – Oh, the peach just
melts into the ice cream. – [Waiter] A little, Sussigkeitenbox. The passion fruit, here you go. – [Mark] Thank you. – [Waiter] Would you like something else? This is what they call Eierlikor. So that is a recipe that the grandmother gave to the mother of the twins, and then the mother gave
it to the twins directly. So older recipes are handwritten here. And if we turn the pages, you can find, just here, the Eierlikor. So that’s the exact recipe for
what you are drinking here. – [Mark] White chocolate passion fruit. (light music) Oh yeah. You crunch through the white chocolate and then you’ve got that waxiness and then you’ve got almost
like a passion fruit jam on the inside. A recipe from their grandmother, it’s a digestive type of egg nog. Mmm. It’s really thick. And then a little bit
sticky, but you just taste that slight burn of the alcohol just at the back of your throat. And then it’s sweet. It’s very creamy and very rich. Mmm. What an incredible way to end this modern German Suhring experience. We finished with dinner. That was an incredible meal. And after we finished, we hung out and laughed and joked for a little while with Thomas and Mathias
Suhring and the staff. They’re all really friendly,
but the Suhring twins, they are as creative
and as fun and playful as their food is. I mean it comes, the food
is a direct representation of their personalities. They’re so much fun, they’re
so nice, they’re so friendly. And they love to joke around, they’re just great, great chefs. And again, just, it’s
incredibly unique that twins, I mean not only brothers, but twins have the same passion, they love to cook. They love to serve. Yeah, they’re just awesome and that was an incredible experience. So I want to say a huge
thank you to the twins and all the staff. We were taken such good care
of, that was a huge meal, you should see my stomach
bulging right now. It is, what time is it right now? Almost one a.m.. We dined for like five hours. Ying is almost half asleep. (laughing) Partly from the food,
partly because it’s so late. Thank you very much for
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