Conflicts grow in Ukraine as Russia-Crimea rail route opens

Russia has officially opened a railway
bridge connecting it directly to the crimean peninsula a territory had
annexed from ukraine five years ago the building of the railway line has been
condemned by Ukraine and the European Union as a violation of Ukraine’s
sovereignty and territory cha Jonghyun tells us more the first train left
saint-petersburg Monday afternoon carrying more than 500 people on the
2500 kilometer trip to Sevastopol Crimea a ride that takes 43 hours
the Russian government is expecting the new route next year to carry around 40
million passengers and 30 million tons of freight russia’s President Vladimir
Putin was also at the launching ceremony saying the new 19 kilometer away bridge
over the Kirk Strait benefits all today we have a very important occasion it is
important for crimea sevastopol for the whole of Russia because naturally such
infrastructure projects such as this landmark bridge that we have built will
have an impact on the whole economy however the EU and Ukraine immediately
condemned the opening of the bridge saying it’s another violation of Russia
of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territory Ukrainian officials opened a criminal
investigation on Wednesday arguing that the train illegally carried people
across the Ukrainian border Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 on the grounds
that residents of the peninsula voted to join up with Russia the annexation
elicited widespread international censure which saw the US and EU ban
imports of non Ukrainian goods from Crimea and investments of European
companies in the region the new bridge has also enabled Russia to limit free
passage for ships heading to Ukrainian ports the Kirk’s trade is the only way
for Ukrainian ships to get to the Black Sea from the inland sea of azov
choi jungmoon arirang news

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