Cousin Pretends To Be Korean in Sulpa Islet (Hokkien/English)

cousin make a yacht tour yacht tour i don’t like, Jules let’s tour the yacht this is our cr show your braces crazy! can you put the camera underwater? no what do you call that thing in front? cockpit? i don’t know. this is not a plane, it’s a ship so let’s go to the cockpit of the ship haha cockpit is real did you also vlog in solea? yeah where are we cousin? lapu lapu haha speak bisaya? i’m korean haha we are koreans haha let’s welcome achi jessica another koreana another korean another korean approaching my son is something else welcome to welcome to the yacht hello we’re here you’re laughing already, WTF you said you’re not going to swim but i’m not swimming, look! but you’re in the water already i’m going to rehab my knee you’re semi-swimming i’m rehabing my knee like this why be a doctor when you can be a vlogger right?! it’s lunch time woooh it’s lunch time lunch time eat! braces let’s eat like and subscribe so we have arrived at our destination bye! good bye! hahaha

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