CURACAO Vloggin ‘ – Adventure Time for Travel addict (CARIBBEAN ISLAND)

welcome to paradise
hey guys so come with me I have something to show you because today we
are in Curacao and hopefully you like the view we arrived yesterday in Curacao Curacao is one of those three Islands ABC Aruba Bonaire Curacao Which is located in the Dutch Caribbean We are going to stay here for a week and hopefully I’m gonna be able to cross off some items from my bucket list and now I’m getting tired so I’m gonna stop this sequence and I’ll see you
a little bit later Bye Porto Mari it’s the name of the beach we just arrived to we’re gonna spend a bit of time here one of the things on my bucket list is
to travel more and spending more time in places like that actually gives me a
really nice smile on my face we are in Willemstad right now which
is the capital of Curacao guys help me riching 50 likes on this
video come on we can do it and stay tuned because next week I cross off an
item from my bucket list and if you want to try and guess which one it is go and see my bucket list video right here oh and don’t forget to subscribe right TCHU

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