Dark Lies the Island Official Trailer | #VMDIFF19

My daughter wasn’t the first one that
lake turned into a spacer. There was a wicked auld draw off it always. Turned half
the place crooked in the head. This is Daddy Mannion. I married the man. I know yeah. Tell me about it. Martin Mannion, the younger of Daddy’s two sons by the first ole bat. God rest her. Poor Martin wasn’t setting the world on fire. The older son was my true love. Doggy Mannion. And he believes in first love. The Mannions owned and ran this place
always. Kept it in the family The last thing this place needs is another lunatic with his head gone quare. There’s lies being told to me. Someone needs to f*ckin bleed for it You must be the only eejit in the North-West region that couldn’t make a go of a tan shop. And the c*nts out there screaming for a bitta colour on their faces. We were a respectable people at one time. Martin. You’re a fucking half-wit.

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