Discovery Greenland – S01E07 – Banquise

at the border of the ice according to the season and maps we looked before we can effectively sea that the ice pack is not far we clearly sea that it gets more dense off the coast and a bit further there’s the ice pack up to the Baffin isle we are at the ice pack limit and we’ll have to wait that it goes up so we can follow it’s progression hey there! is this the ice pack?! it’s here mate, it’s the ice school! welcome! ok so we get rid of the ice, we do some holes we do the ice saw and we now have a gap from now on we can send the divers we have to install the security of the divers so the diver is ready he absolutely must not be lost and there only one solution to do that safely, it’s with the breadcrumb for the communication underwater there isn’t many ways one move means everything’s fine many move means it’s time to go back some currents are possible under the ice pack, we should be careful we can found ourselves in a shitty situation where we get a bit out of breath, and we need a little help so that’s when you can agitate the wire you’ll have some kisses but you won’t have biscuits it’s not for Kayak, it’s for Robin! again a little bit on starboard, starboard! go back on larboard once you can we have a pretty scattered ice pack so it’s better to have someone in the crow’s nest who has an overall vue here on the deck we can’t see much because we’re on the same level as the ice someone higher can see if there’s some free water behind the passage it’s a bit diffucult because we don’t know how much time it can take as long as we can pass backwards backwards! it’s all good! we just arrived in Ilulissat, it’s 2h30 a.m. we left Sisimiut not being sure if we could pass the ice pack and reach Ilulissat during this step because on ice maps it really compact we’re dreaming already of the next dives under the giant icebergs of the Disko bay we went under at 54 we immersed in the heart of the ice machine of the nothern hemisphere what a theater, incredible (drone pilote) we’re looking for a good ice plate depending of the wind and not to far from the icebergs so that they can dive in a good spot with the WHY not too far so that i can shoot with my drone there’s some plates here it’s perfect we’ll be between you and the WHY in how much time you’ll be in the water? we’re ready to go under water, we’re waiting you’re signal ok wer’e launching the drone ok go on the right, you’re right I want the WHY on the background shift on the right, you’ll soon discoverer the iceberg there’s too much wind, there’s a wind effect in front of the iceberg go over there it’s magnificiant (Film maker) I’m really pleased to be here and I found it great that it’s such a young team who’s only starting their 30s and that they built all this and taking a drink on an ice pack plate after this long trip to come here the exit will be epic!

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