Dr. Oberholzer leads the way when it comes to the care & surgical treatment for diabetes

I’m Dr. Jose Oberholzer. I’m a surgeon and I focus on
transplant and liver and pancreas surgery. and one thing that is very special to
UI Health is the transplantation of cells to treat Diabetes. The most devastating
form of Diabetes is what we call juvenile or Type 1 diabetes. Those patients
don’t produce any more their own insulin because their immune system destroys
insulin-producing cells. For those patients, we have a technology to isolate the insulin-producing cells from a pancreas from an organ donor and
then we simply inject those cells into the patient and if they take and the patient doesn’t reject, then, the patient won’t have any more Diabetes.
Transplantation is a pretty transformative treatment. By influencing the
diseases in your organ, we really do influence a lot of things for those
patients. So, that’s one of the things that makes transplantation so different
from any other kind of surgery. You will follow most of the patients for the rest
of their lives so you know their families. You know their kids. You know their
birthdays. You become part of their life and that’s one of the aspects of that I
really like about being a transplant surgeon.

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