Elenor & Monique go for a dip in the Blue Lagoon – On the go with EF #25

Hi guys. We’re outside the EF school right now.
We just went in and got some information. We’re waiting for our driver because
we’re going to the Blue Lagoon today. The Blue Lagoon is a piece of nature
that’s still untouched. There are beautiful beaches. We’re going to go there for a swim
and some snorkelling as well. It’s still kind of early. It’s around 10am. The weather is already really nice
and it’s so pretty. I think today’s going to be so much fun.
We’ll go snorkelling as well. We brought some goggles with us
and it’s going to be a fun day. We just arrived at the harbor here and
I don’t know which boat we’re going on, but we’re going on one of these. How long will the boat ride take?
About 20 minutes. Okay, so around 20 minutes on the boat
and we should be there! It’s not a speed boat, but it’s a power boat,
so it sounds like it’s supposed to go pretty fast. I don’t know. We’ll see, I guess! We have found the boat. It says “EF” on the boat,
which is great because we’re with EF, so this should be our boat. This is so much fun, guys!
I really recommend this. If you’ve got a need for speed, then you’ve got to go on this power boat
because it’s awesome. We just got off the craziest ride. It was a power boat, but it was more like
a super-power boat because it went so fast. It was so much fun. We’re here at the Blue Lagoon now
and the water is so amazing. You’re going to see more of it. We’ve got some lounge chairs and we’re
just going to chill and go swimming. We just got some food. I’ll take mine. Looks good! For a chance to win this awesome Malta hat,
you need to comment down below and answer this question:
Do you prefer swimming in a pool or the ocean? All you need to do is answer the question down
below and we’ll pick a winner from the comments and we’ll send it to you
– wherever you are around the world.


  • Константин Гординский

    I like a swiming in ocean

  • Joel Valentim

    I'd rather pool even I don't know swimming, it's calmer than ocean, but there are other places with calm waters

  • agus moreira

    I like swim in the swimming pool, because the water in the pool so quiet not like ocean waves.

  • Cristian Sepulveda

    I have never seen the sea before but if I had the chance I would like to chose the sea and feel the sand to hear the waves and to smell the salt water

  • Diego Riani Costa Agostinho

    … 4:47…

    Eu prefiro piscina…

    … 3:15…

    As pessoas vem até o canal pra melhorar sua conversação no inglês, e o cara chega aqui para ver a Elenor de biquíni…

  • Silvia P Torres

    I don't live in a city near the ocean, so if I wanna relax in the water, I have to go to a pool.
    But without doubting, I really prefer the ocean. I love to feel the waves and do snorkel. I'm planning to travel this year to Cartagena, an amazing city here in Colombia!! So, as you can imagine, I am very excited.

  • Giulia Delodovici


  • Elisa Gascón

    in the oceaan!!!!😀

  • Susanna Lämsä

    I prefer pool, because in the bottom there isnt rock or spmething else to touching your feed.

  • Guilherme Carmo

    I prefer the pool

  • Marysia Krawczyk

    I love swimming in the ocean. Why? Because in ocean I feel free and the water is really clear !

  • beatriz_azune carrasco ricapa

    pues en el mar para sentir las olas y el atardecer

  • Andrey V

    I like to swim in the ocean, unless it is the Arctic Ocean, which is closest to me 🙂

  • A. Ayser

    In the ocean of course

  • Ali Elfakir

    I would definitely choose swimming in the ocean it's more joyful and fun you can try a bunch of amazing games like banana boat, power boat, jet ski, parasailing, surfing wakeboarding, snorkel … without mention the incredible view that you may have at sunset or sunrise…
    in short, swimming in the ocean is just so GREAT 😀




    missing Maria

  • Megumi Fujii

    of course ocean‼ because I can relax and feel the sun🌅

  • Toan Phan

    I love swimming in the ocean because i can dive and see coral and marine!

  • Diener Lima

    Great video! It's a very difficult decision specially when we see a very beautiful pool and a gorgeous ocean. But if I were in Blue Lagoon I wouldn't even know what a pool is and choose the ocean like a fish would 🐟!

  • Алексей Бакунович

    Swimming in the ocean in better than swimming in a public pool. Because your organism can get minerals, fresh air, nice ocean suntan and also you can play with waves. I prefer the ocean.

  • nl Galuh

    i prefer to swim in the ocean because i can swim wherever i want. When i swim in the ocean i can see a lot kind of fish and And beautiful coral reefs who dance because of the waves . I can swim with a sun that shines on the ocean. beside that. I can hear the waves that dance with me in the ocean. when i got tired, i can feel the ocean sand and feel the wind that blows on my body. Ocean is complete. You can choose what kind of game that you wanna play for free such as volley ball or snorkling. You can catch some fish or seaweeds, then, You can cook it there when you got hungry. Ocean is free and you get a lot of facilities for free there💕

  • Rohit Sidharth

    ofcourse Ocean….its really gonna be too much fun there.
    waves & aquatic animals…😊😊🐟🐬🐠🐚🐡🐙 pretty awsm

  • tan tai Vo

    hello, i'm from Vietnam. Thanks for your great video. I prefer beach than swimming pool coz i feel free while i'm in the sea.Not only the warm water there but also the beautyful scene. Best wishes to you guys. @@

  • Phelippe Bulleza

    I do love to treat my self by going for a dip in the great ocean!

  • zine elabidine elaffari

    I prefer pool

  • 杉野友祐

    I prefer swimming in a ocean to in a pool 😀 because I grew up near a coast in Japan. We can feel magnificence when we swim ocean. Sorry for my immature English. But I desire to get that straw hat 😝😝

  • Kien Trinh

    I prefer Swmming in the ocean because i can enjoy the present of the nature – sea,  see the beautiful scenery around there, and feel comfortable because of the sea-breeze.

  • Vladimir Lyashenko

    I live by the sea so of course I would like to swim in the ocean.i don't like pools because of the smell of chemicals and also it's harder to swim in a pool than in the sea because of the density of water. please correct my grammar if there are any mistakes.thank you

  • Bogdan Live

    where can I find a theme song?

  • Aptüssamet Sancak

    absolutely ocean!!

  • Даниил Скарин

    Я предпочитаю плавать в океане, чем в басейне. Океан гараздо красивее, волны накатывают из далека, белый песок это круто. Я так считаю, хотя за свою жизнь у меня ни разу небыло возможности поплавать в океане.
    I prefer swim in ocean instead of pool. Ocean is much more beautiful, waves rolls from afar, white sand it's cool. I think so, although in my life I never had opportunity to swim in the ocean.

  • Youmna Hassan

    In the ocean 💃😍

  • laurence Roy-Poulin

    in the ocean 🌊

  • Ali Abrahim

    sure nature amazing.

  • English Power Cap English Power Cap

    What an interesting  video !. Well, I prefer the swimming pool . It is safer  and it can be waiting for you  in your own  yard. Although  taking a dip in the ocean is quite  exciting  as you can go snorkeling or scuba diving  and much more fun  for a good swimmer.   As regard to the videos  I must say, they  are so good for understanding  English  as it is spoken by native speakers  in normal speed.  Keep on the good work guys. Your're doing great! Regards from south America

  • Rafaella aybar

    I have a preference for beaches as I have been living near them almost my entire life and they have something that is incomparable: the rushing sound of waves, the smell of the salty sea air and the calm.Apart from that, a dip in the sea is beneficial for anyone who wants to relieve stress,it's the best escape when I feel overwhelmed.I just find the sea an excellent form of visual meditation and one of the few things that gets more interesting the longer I stare at it.

  • Anouk Wallbohm

    Ocean in Malta

  • Patrik Jose Vasconcelos

    you are very Beautiful! i am from brasil! Forgive my English! by

  • infinity Iniyan

    I like to swim ocean because its a Big one to swim long hours its not end

  • Taskyn Kassymov


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