Embudu Maldives

we are so addicted to Maldive can’t help it
look at it it just gorgeous beautiful everywhere this morning we went in the water and
how is your experience this morning it’s like another level if you are someone
who lives for this like we do you know if your passion is you know protecting
the oceans and the things living in it keeping the oceans clean you know marine
conservation this is what we’re about to be here it shows you the reward of your
work of your effort it’s like the beauty of it is it literally it makes you cry
like seriously when you see this it’s just like oh my god it is so beautiful
and we had booked here because we heard that the house wreath is just
unbelievable than just our first trip it into limit I need to really do it with one thumb we went out snorkeling it
was close to the buoy that marks the spot where you can’t go any further
there basically you’re gonna be in the open water who are following the edge of
the reef now the reef edge here is strange
because it’s really shallow like three feet to six feet deep and then it drops
off to like 20 meters it’s like 60 feet or more really something really really
suddenly there’s no transition at all so we were on the edge and we were about as
far away from the island as you could get within the area they recommend you
snorkeling and I was in front and I came face to face with a triggerfish who was
not swimming she was just in front of a rock and I
knew it was bad because I knew it was probably her nest and she just looked at
me and I saw her face come up and I said ah crap
and like sort of put my hand up like I’m turning we’re going back and I turned
around put the camera between me and the fish just in case and the fish seemed
cool enough but as Jim turned around the fish made a go at her and bit her twice
on her foot man ice I saw it and there was nothing I could do about it like I
just sort of splashed around and got the fish to like leave her and she started
swimming but I just saw like doors case senario possibly unfolding thank God it
didn’t turn that way the fish on the bottom of her
water shoot twice and it didn’t I mean it did compress her foot like you can
see it looks like she closed it in a door but it didn’t like really break the
skin it didn’t take a chunk out it didn’t bite a finger off but you know if
you’re a diver or a snorkeler and you know about triggerfish these these
things aren’t vicious when they are protecting their nets this one was about
2 feet long and it was just all mouth and teeth coming it was like oh when he
pointing at that trick of fish that’s like what because I saw that fish hiding
and then he just like pointing it at that fish and then he start to turn
around and then I just start to turn out right after him I was swimming I just
got something bit me but I was like what’s going on I was screaming I think
I screamed so loud probably scared to hell of that fish where the full-face
snorkel mask so you can actually basically talk or scream or anything in
there it’s not like being you know in just the have face mask where your mouth
would be in the water your mouth is open yeah so I heard her screaming right
through the water and I was like oh here we go you know it’s gonna be fight to
the death with this trigger fish now but at that time I didn’t know that was
the trick of fish bit me I just felt like something bit me and I was like I
just feel like I would I was in some kind of territory and got bitten by a
dog with something at that time I swam pretty fast it happens what can you do
you know we’re aware of the dangers of being in the water and you know we we
face them with a smile it’s you know when we saw a shark today we saw this
trigger fish and I’m sure in the course of the next you know 9 or 10 days being
here we’re gonna see all variety of you know potentially dangerous marine life
but it’s cool you know what we’re here to respect it you know I saw the threat
of it it was just too late you know we we’ve swam in plenty of places where
we’ve seen trigger fish and usually their their nets are quite low and you
saw em both of them it’s fine you know you have plenty of distance it’s just
she’s all happens like I said this this reef is so low shallow at one point and
then it just drops right off so even if you’re on the edge this this trigger
fish was right on the edge and it was just like coming face to face with it it
was like oh fudge you know like just just saw I saw the fish’s eyes turn
right to me and my first thought was only put put the camera out so if the
fish makes a bite it’s gonna bite at the camera and that’ll give me time to turn
but it didn’t it just sort of like advanced slowly and it gave me time to
time but it didn’t give her time to turn all the way yeah just feel like I was
chasing by something and it was kind of freaking me out though and I was like
okay what’s going on and just like he just kept asking me like are you okay
you okay yeah I got behind her you know boost her up and took a look at I didn’t
see any hole in her shoe I followed behind her a little bit I just told her
go and I didn’t say any blood trail coming out her foot so I knew it
probably didn’t by you know like take a bite this fish has like a crushing bite
and a grinding bites like if it gets the end of your finger it will
definitely take the end of your finger off but if it bites on to something like
solid like the middle of your leg or like in her case it was the middle of
her foot on the bottom it doesn’t take a chunk out it’s not like a sharp you know
that has like ripping teeth it has crushing teeth so I figure she probably
had a good vergis which is what she has and that will take that you know it’s
always an adventure it’s their home you know we just visitors and we don’t want
to cast any band shadow on this place this this reef here is super awesome
this is like a really super awesome reef the the diversity and the volume of
marine life is unbelievable I mean there’s like huge shoals of fish around
you all the time all different kinds of fish and it’s it’s just amazing it’s
really great we’re looking forward to repeating this experience every day that
we’re here and getting our addiction satisfied if you into this kind of
activity you know snorkeling diving this is the place only god it’s just going to
be like ah I’ll be in the same world because everything down there excited
aliens right it’s true it is true we gonna have to change
soon yeah we got to go to a different hey welcome three still at Embudo
village in Maldive and this room’s gonna be our home for three days let’s check
it out a bed desk and chair and have little fridge here have a fan and the
ceilings Thanks and then this is the bathroom we’re here on the west side of the
island there’s a little sandbar here and it is just I don’t know it is paradise I
mean sunset right there and it is just beautiful beautiful weather it’s cool
and breezy the water is unbelievable colors and you got these big birds
around fishing and people are all here checking out the sunset and it is just I
don’t know I might at a loss for words I can’t say anything you just got you got
to be here if you’re not here you got to get here get get hit get right here
right right where I’m standing you see you see these feet right here get right
here this is where you gotta be that’s it this is what it’s about the lighting is just gorgeous it’s just
beautiful or not we’re here at the bar at Embudo
were waiting for dinner time to open and we’re having some nice cold white wine
after a long day full of adventures mostly in the water cheers to you guys we’re here with the
general manager Ramsey at M voodoo village yes what we want to talk about
is what the resort here is doing to protect the environment and to maintain
eco-friendly policies so that this amazingly beautiful nature surrounding
the resort stays amazing and beautiful please sir
first of all thank you very much what we are doing to protect the environment as
much as possible and we are started now we are not using plastics items even the
Trinity stores everything all the garbage everything plastic waste we are
sending it to malady as a company called poly they collect all the plastics and
they recycle it and hand it so we don’t use throw anything to the sea you know
also the tongue like the leaves what we are getting we make it compost
fertilizer everything awesome plus we’ve seen most of the bills we are
using solar energy for electricity and water we are using the solar energy
power here we are very concerned about the environment oh you didn’t think I
mean collect everything and there’s another Island council official twice a
week what price a week depending on what we
want then we are budget to send a delegation and we can confirm as guests
that there are receptacles throughout the island labeled garbage and plastics
for recycling we can also say that all the drinking water in the room is glass
bottle and refill daily rather than disposable plastics which is really
awesome we appreciated would you like to offer a welcome message to people that
are looking for an eco-friendly resort at a good cost where they can enjoy
nature and enjoy an excellent we can definitely confirm excellent house for anything especially the plastic items
into them and then reduce using plastics and that is why we also doing as much as
possible now we are using glass bottles even now in Male the water companies are
used in hospitals and it has to be done yeah right not just here but everywhere
really how long is the resort been open this is actually from 1979 then it comes
with a little number of rules and then we are operated and increased number
almost 40 years in operation it’s awesome well hopefully you get 40 more
and more than that thank you sir thank you for the time I appreciate it and I’m
sure our readership is gonna be interested in coming here you guys
definitely want to come here alright so enjoy the trip
we appreciate that and you know show support for Jammy journey it’s awesome
thank you


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