Enclaves and Exclaves

If you’re watching this you’re probably wondering what an enclave or an exclave is. Either that or you’re being forced to watch this by the educational system in which that case I am truly sorry. But me, I’m just naturally curious about this kind of stuff. Like isn’t it cool that sometimes there’s a bit of land in one place that seems like it should be in another? I don’t know, I mean it’s kinda rad. So let’s start with an enclave. Just read the search lol Merriam-Webster defines an enclave as: A distinct terretorial, cultural, or social unit enclosed within or as if within foreign territory. So basically it’s a place completely surrounded by another country. A quick way I like to remember this is that if it’s an ENclave it’s INside of another country. That’s also probably where the name comes from but you know, that’s beside the point. A famous example of this would be the countries of Lesotho and South Africa. Lesotho is completely surrounded by South Africa meaning it has to rely on South Africa for many of it’s resources. So in the late 1800’s Lesotho was a British territory Then comes the early 1900’s and South Africa is creating a union and Britain wants Lesotho to join Lesotho is like “no” and then yeets out Britain (look I am cool like the youth). In other words they gained formal independence. Another example is the country of San Marino. It’s completely surrounded by Italy. According to San Marino, San Marino is the oldest republic in the world. One of the reseaon that it has remained independent for so many years is that it’s surrounded by mountains which are historically pretty hard to cross. And, of course, Vatican City is also an enclave. Vatican City, like San Marino, is completely surrounded by Italy. It’s also the world’s smallest country. And why is Vatican City a country? you might ask. Because it’s the home of the pope who is apparently a pretty imporant religious figure or something. Now, exclaves. Merriam-Webster defines an exclave as A portion of a country seperated from the main part and constituting an enclave in respect to the surrounding territory. Basically, it’s when a part of one country is in what would usually be another country. One of the biggest exclaves -or actually semi-exclave, which means it also borders water- in the world is Alaska. It’s not connected to the U.S. is any way and should probably just be a part of Canada. But maybe I’m biased. Another pretty big semi-exclave is Kaliningrad, Russia. It sits right between Poland and Lithuania and borders the Baltic Sea. I guess, being the largest country in the world, Russia just didn’t have enough space. There’s also a semi-exclave of Kentucky in Tennessee. I talked about it a bit in my state shapes video which I will link to and you can watch because I’m power hungry and want the views. It’s called either the Kentucky Bend Or the New Madrid Bend Or the Madrid Bend Or the Bessie Bend. All those make sense to me except for the Bessie Bend. Is it a Southern thing? If you’re from the south and know something about calling things Bessie then please comment because I am confused. The population of the Kentucky Bend as of 2010 was 18 people. I see that it’s a booming area. Tennessee wanted it to become part of Tennessee but Kentucky wanted it to stay. Mark Twain wrote about this feud in “Life on the Mississippi.” Where the Darnell and Watson’s have different opinions on where their sovereignty lies. In his book there’s a church called compromise that sits directly on the border. The people that sided with Kentucky sat on the Kentucky side. and the people that sided with Tennessee sat on the Tennessee side. The weird thing is, I don’t know if this church ever existed. Some sites say it did, but I looked on google maps and didn’t see any evidence of a church. But what happens when you have both? Llivia is both an enclave and an exclave of Spain. It’s part of Spain outside of the mainland and is completely surrounded by France. Also I went on google maps and saw that there is like no border telling you you’ve entered another country. Just boom all of a sudden you’re in France and boom all of a sudden you’re in Spain again. So yeah there’s a little thing about maps and geography and all that stuff. Uhhhh thanks for watching bye

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